House rules update

Press conference this morning on the new House rules.
From the Speaker's office:


RALEIGH – N.C. House Speaker Joe Hackney will hold a press conference today, Wednesday, February 28, 2007, at 10:30 a.m. to discuss the House rules package for the 2007-08 session. The press conference will be held in the Legislative Building press conference room at 16 W. Jones Street in Raleigh.

Media unable to attend the press conference may listen to the live audio via the General Assembly’s website at Once on the site, select “Audio” in the navigation bar, and then select “Press Conference Room.”

Comments the live audio for everyone?

The release says "media unable to attend". I would like to listen in.


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up all the way and i cant hear a damn thing.

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News & Observer:

The changes include not allowing special provisions in the state budget that have nothing to do with the spending plan; a ban on "floaters" -- members who the speaker could assign to any committee to stack a vote; and a ban on hearing legislation the same day it is reported out of a committee.

Mark Binker Blog Greensboro News-Record:


*Eliminating floaters. These were members who could sit on any committee and turn the tide of legislation.

*No more special provisions in the budget. These were substantive changes to state law that had nothing to do with spending or taxing. (Eg: the change to insurance law that favored chiropractors in 2005.)

*The provision that tightly draws the title of legislation "tightly" and makes bills nearly impossible to amend beyond a certain point on the House floor remains.

I should note that we haven’t actually seen the rule package yet, but they will be vetted at a Rules Committee meeting this afternoon after session.


An the end of the press conference Joe Hackney was asked if he has decided how he is going to "respond to the questions about Representative Wright."

He replied that he was "still looking for additional facts and haven't concluded that."

These sound

like excellent changes. I guess they are long over due corrections, really. The story I heard was that when the Rs took the GA over in the 90's they changed the rules to the undemocratic system we have now. (Sound familiar?) But after that, the Ds made keeping a handle on committee votes and such a fine art form. Its time it was put right.

Speaker Hackney ... bringing democracy back to the General Assembly.

Go, JOE!

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Update 2

House Resolution 423
Permanent House Rules
Filed by Bill Owens


Hackney also wants to set a deadline on committee assignments. In the past, the speaker could make last-minute appointments to direct legislation to his liking.
The House Rules Committee will meet 15 minutes after the conclusion of session on Thursday to consider the proposed rules.

WRAL is so biased

all I watch on their station now is the weather.....hubby still watches American Idol....oh well.

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