How to bleed a bank account the NCGOP way

My, my. The following comment found its way to an unusual place. A place to promote an agenda through some bizarre sense of dialogue while simultaneously bleeding the bank accounts of the ideological and ignorant. North Carolina GOP’s Facebook page.

The NC GOP is a disgrace to North Carolina! You continually push for and pass unconstitutional laws that waste out tax dollars.

The above comment is about the now dead matter blessed by the United States Supreme Court to uphold the Fourth United States Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision pertaining to abortion ultrasound. As Sharon McCloskey wrote back in October of 2014 for NC Policy Watch, it was just a matter of time before this absurd piece of legislation would find the stepping stones of appeal and ultimately, end up in a downward trajectory into the trash. For former Governor Beverly Perdue who vetoed this piece of legislation %@#$ commonly known as the Women’s Right to Know Act Men’s Right to Control Act, somewhere this morning, there’s a smile on her face. For former House Speaker Thom Tillis, dried egg yoke.

It’s not dead. The North Carolina GOP’s newly elected Chairman, Hasan Hargett, has broken his yard chain and decided to battle with a car passing by at fifty miles per hour. This won’t end well unless Hargett refrains from jumping in the street. Less than fourty-eight hours after the United States Supreme Court decision, Hargett is now chirping from the curb. In a “statement” put out by the NCGOP and commonly referred to as (covert, checkbook snipping), Hargett is blasting away at the decision and Roy Cooper’s lack of loyalty to the State of North Carolina as Attorney General.

This case once again raises serious questions of ethical and professional conflicts of interests for Roy Cooper, who is supposed to be our state’s top lawyer. At the same time he says he’s defending North Carolina’s law in court, he was sending campaign fundraising emails criticizing the very laws he’s sworn to defend. North Carolinians deserve an attorney general focused on doing his job and representing the people of North Carolina, not advancing his own political career.

So, Cooper’s a traitor. Yes, according to Hargett and the rest of the clowns that make up the North Carolina Republican Party. For those that blindly follow this nonsense, an additional checking account may be in order. Just one of many prices to be paid for allowing novice, bench warming legislators at the roulette wheel.