Howard Coble <3 wiretapping crook

Rightwing cheerleading for common criminals is nothing new, but it does come as a bit of a surprise to see that good ol' Howard Coble has signed on to a bill honoring the latest darling of the dark side, the wiretapping crook named James O'Keefe. Many thanks and a hat tip to Dave Ribar.



This is so important because why? This is from October. "Depending on which way your hot air is blowing today"
This did not happen today.

This is important because Howard Coble signed onto

a bill honoring the scumbag in Congress, hoping to use the voice of our government as a political tool to feed right wing blood lust. It doesn't matter whether it was last week or last month or last fall, it was bad judgment.

Today Coble has the chance to say, "I was wrong about Mr. O'Keefe. I'm sorry I tried to use the United States Congress for a cheap political stunt."

John Hood comments

I've been watching the Locker Room site to see if and how they would cover this O'Keefe controversy.

Initially, David Bass merely reported the facts as known, with no clever little quips or innuendo that usually accompany observations there. Obviously this was a "bare-minimum" piece so they couldn't be accused of ignoring such a bombshell. As with other sensitive topics, damage control (spin) is left up to the big gun himself:

Here’s my initial reaction. First, given the facts of the case as reported so far, I doubt the kids were trying to install some kind of wiretap on the senator’s office phone system. I doubt they would even have the expertise to pull that off. What I think they were really doing was recording video (and audio, thus the reported use of listening equipment by one of the kids outside the building) of a fake repair visit in order to creating a piece ridiculing Landrieu for voting for ObamaCare despite the legions of phone calls from constituents against the bill. “Why didn’t she listen to the voters?” the gist of the stunt might be. “Were her phones not working?”

In order to avoid any negative effects of this blatant attempt to excuse the behavior of criminals, John throws in his usual disclaimer:

This isn’t a defense of them. Far from it. They might well still be guilty of some kind of offense for misrepresenting themselves in an attempt to gain entry and access to phone equipment in a federal office.

In fact, let me go further. Whatever you think of these kinds of publicity stunts, they do not constitute investigative journalism. The earlier ACORN videos weren’t pieces of investigative journalism, either. It does the growing ranks of investigative journalists at conservative organizations a great disservice to invite a comparison of such publicity stunts with the hard, meticulous, and often boring work of exposing government waste and corruption.

For a big gun, you're shooting blanks there, buddy. Those investigative journalists you're defending just saw their boss invent a fantasy scenario to explain what might have been behind a news story. Far from hard, meticulous work, it was a lazy attempt at obfuscation.

Good catch

This isn’t a defense of them. Far from it.

Said another way.

My defense of them isn't a defense of them, so don't say I'm defending them, far from it. I'm only defending them in theory.

Why does John Hood hate our national security?

Senator Landrieu is a member of the Senate Homeland Security Committee.

Where is the terror hysteria over this incident?

Surely there's a national security issue when a political operatives are bugging a Senator's office.

Oh, John. Please write more apologies for these spies.


I just noticed something

which should have caught my eye earlier. Hood threw this little distinction in there:

one of the kids

Um, O'keefe is 25, and the other perpetrators are all 24. Unless you have a new definition for "kids", methinks your prejudicial slip is showing past the hem of your skirt.

John Hood loves Criminals no matter how stupid they are?

What John Hood and the Neo-cons are doing along with some heavy weight Libertarians like below by using the old " The end justfied the means" concept......Shame on them! It's gives the appearance of a College Frat party going terrible wrong when one dies from the Frat rites of a drinking bout.......

Free the Landrieu Four!
Posted by Lew Rockwell on January 27, 2010 09:39 AM
Olbermann, Madow, and the rest of the gang were yucking it up last night over the prospect of caging, for 20 years, James O’Keefe, the kid who exposed ACORN, and his three friends. They are accused of dressing up like telephone repairmen and visiting LA senator Mary Landrieu’s government office in hopes of embarrassing her. To the Gulag, go!

Was this entrapment? The regime has wanted to destroy O’Keefe for showing up Obama’s favorite state-funded community group. In any event, these boys were imprudent at worst. Being Republican conservatives, they did not absorb the libertarian lesson that public property isn’t. Different rules apply to the state than hoi polloi. How dare they enter the holy sanctuary of Landrieu without due obeisance?And, preferably, a suitcase of cash.

My own view: since the feds can crowbar your money out of you, and use it to enter your house or office under false pretenses, to spy on you, listen to your phone calls, read your emails, go through your underwear drawer, etc. what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. So I say, Free the Landrieu Four and all other political prisoners!