Indy Outs Chris Mintz

All I can say is thank goodness we have a paper like the Indy and reporters like Bob Geary. He lays it all out regarding Mintzs' alleged moderate claims and recalls meeting him at a called2action meeting a year ago along with other interesting factoids. No mention of the court docs we uncovered but that's understandable. WOOOOT to everyone that is spreading the word on this Chameleon.


Kudos to Bob Geary!

and the Independent for digging into this. Thanks for all you do. And thanks for Bajadudes for tireless work on the case.

BD . . .

I've been trying to front-page this, but something in the code breaks the page format and creates big-time chaos. Maybe Lance can fix things later. Great news on the Chameleon front!


I got it up there, but had to delete your website link. Here it is: Who Is Chris Mintz website

Thanks guys....I am on the

Thanks guys....I am on the road heading to NY for 2 weeks.

Probably no internet for the next 24 hours or so but will be able to log in regularly after that.

Happy Easter to all

Thanks to Bob !

Here's hoping everyone reads to the very end of the piece.