The intersection of money & the Marriage Discrimination Amendment

Pope calls himself a libertarian, but he's definitely at odds with the Libertarian Party on at least one issue, and that's gay marriage. Pope's foundation has given nearly one million dollars to leading anti-gay marriage groups including the NC Family Policy Council, which since 1999 has been one of the leading groups behind the anti-gay marriage amendment, which is now before us, and is going to be voted on in the May primaries.

Chris Kromm

I sometimes get the sense that people feel that big money in politics is a problem, but they never see it as the most pressing problem before them, and so that fight ends up on the back burner. The problem is, many of the problems on the front burner arrived there because of this "back burner" issue. As a member of the LGBT community, I would like to see a broader realization that money in politics is our fight too. But that doesn't go for just us. Whether civil rights, women's rights, LGBT equality, the environment, good government, social justice, war, or whatever your front burner problem is, you've got to follow the money if you ever want to really address it.

This is going to be especially true when 2012 arrives. Elections have the urgency of now in a way that underlying root cause problems simply don't. Most of my Blue NC diaries seem to end with "an ask" of some sort. Usually it is to click a link, or sign a petition, or volunteer, or attend a rally, but this time it's a little different than my normal.

All of us Blue NC regulars are going to be engaged in countless political conversations in person, at events, in meetings, on facebook & twitter, with friends & family, and so forth throughout the year. It will be unavoidable being in a swing state that is holding a national convention. My ask is that you do not let the conversation be solely about the urgency of now. Take a moment to ask the question, aloud, about how money in politics connects to this issue at hand, no matter what that issue may be. Even if you don't know the answer. Don't let that part of the conversation get lost or skipped over.

Oh yeah, also you can click this link, and sign a petition.


I am not a member of the LGBT community

but I feel that this marriage amendment is terrible. If we are truly a free country, then we should all be able to settle down with someone that makes us happy. I do not feel threatened in any way if two people of the same sex love each other and want to share the same rights as those of us who love someone of the opposite sex. I don't recall "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," having stipulations attached. It is ironic to me that the group that screams so much about freedom and getting government off your back sees no problem with putting government in your bedroom. As an unaffiliated voter, I usually don't get involved with primaries, but I will this year. You can count me and my wife as supporters of voting NO to this outright bigotry.

Glad to hear it!

We're going to need all the allies we can get on this one. Putting this vote during the GOP presidential primary may have seemed like a good idea to ensure it passes, but if the GOP candidate is decided before this gets to North Carolina, thus resulting in low turn out, then it comes down to organizing and voter turn out. And we can win that with enough folks like me and you voting against it and getting people we know to do the same.

Pope is no Libertarian

Pope can call himself an ostrich but that won't give him wings. A libertarian is someone who believes in individual freedom to the extent that it does not infringe on anyone else's equal liberty. Gay marriage is a no brainer for libertarians. A person's choice in a marriage partner does not affect anybody else's liberty. If he doesn't follow this than he is not a libertarian anymore than he is an ostrich. He besmirches the name of Libertarian by calling himself that. The two largest counties in NC (Wake and Mecklenburg) and the state LP have all pledged their support to fighting amendment one. Marriage and the right to form a union with a partner of your own choosing is a civil right and specifically protected in the Constitution (14th Amendment). Ignore Art Pope and any claims that he represents libertarians. Libertarians everywhere stand with the LGBT community against Amendment One and in protecting their rights!

Stop Amendment 1

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