Introducing Liddy's Slippers

How many of you have seen the new site, Liddy's Slippers? It's red. It's pink. It has some great information in it.

I got a kick out of the section that lists how much it will cost to send Liddy back to Kansas where she was registered to vote for most of her voting life.

A bus ticket from DC to Kansas: $177

Plane ticket from DC to Kansas: $319

Taxi from Capitol to Watergate: $6.25

Fill up Liddy's Gas Tank: $75

A train ticket from DC to Kansas: $147

Of course, there's a contribute button after that. Great idea, though because there is an amount for everyone.

The site also has great information on how Dole has failed the people of North Carolina.

My personal favorite was this video from a Ruby Red Slipper decorating party held in Clayton, NC. If you look closely you might recognize someone you know.

Take a few minutes to head on over to Liddy's Slippers and let them know what your rubby red slippers represent.


It's hot

and getting lots of coverage from lots of different directions. Glad to see the Hagan campaign cranking up on the Tubes.


Jesus Swept, so you can come clean.