Introducing the NC GOP's favorite money-man: Roger W. Knight

A little background from our friend Greg Flynn:

The Carolina Business Coalition, Inc., has been in existence since May of 2011 but publicly dormant until recently. Originally set up by Roger Knight, a campaign finance attorney with fingers in various right-wing pies, the organization switched the record of responsibility in April to Peter Barnes who filed paperwork for the Carolina Business Coalition Education Fund with both the IRS and the State Board of Elections on May 10th. Roger Knight serves as a director of the parent Carolina Business Coalition which is chaired by Allen Gant, President and CEO of Glen Raven, Inc. a major contributor to Real Jobs NC set up by Fred Eshelman, and for which Knight has served as Executive Director. In 2010, largely funded by the Republican State Leadership Committee, Real Jobs NC spent $1.6 million on state races, a big factor in the Republican takeover of the NC General Assembly.

Since the early days of the Republican takeover of NC government, dark money has poured into individual races for the General Assembly, often in the form of vague (and hugely expensive) television commercials promoting Republican candidates or attacking their Democratic opponents. For the most part, those subsequently elected (or re) officials have tried to separate themselves from that dark money. But while doing a search on the new Appropriations Committee Co-Chair (Dean Arp), I stumbled across this relatively new 501(c)4 independent expenditure org which is directly tied to the NC House GOP leadership:

Recognizing an opportunity to raise citizen awareness on public policy, likeminded community leaders came together in 2014 to form the North Carolina House Legislative Partners (NCHLP). Today, they’re helping increase political participation and provide a unique insight into the legislative process from the perspective of leaders in the State House who are making a difference on the important issues affecting our everyday lives.

NCHLP is governed by a private-sector Board of Governors, and is the only independent expenditure group in the state officially endorsed by leadership in the North Carolina House of Representatives. The following House members have volunteered their valued time and experience as Legislative Advisers to NCHLP.

Bolding mine, because you won't find any other mention of this mystery Board of Governors on the website. Nor any mention of Roger Knight, although his street address is where NCHLP is located. But you will find fancy pictures of these folks:

Tim Moore Speaker
Dean Arp Chairman
Marilyn Avila Deputy Majority Leader
John Bell Majority Whip
John Bradford Majority Freshman Whip
Rick Catlin Chairman
Jeff Collins Chairman
Leo Daughtry Chairman
Nelson Dollar Chairman
John Fraley Majority Freshman Leader
Mike Hager Majority Leader
Pat Hurley Joint Caucus Leader
Charles Jeter GOP Conference Chairman
Donny Lambeth Chairman
David Lewis Chairman
Steve Ross Chairman
Jason Saine Chairman
Skip Stam Chairman
John Torbett Chairman

Yeah, that's a lot of Chairmen right there. Of what, I have no idea. But here's an example of their "raising citizen awareness":

In other words, just regular old campaign bullshit. They spent just under $70,000 on this campaign ad, while Bryan himself only spent $37,645 in the final quarter of 2014.