At it again, the Voter Integrity Project.

The so-called Voter Integrity Project is at it again, this time objecting to the vote of college students that appears to affect the election of Democrats at the local level. They seem to believe that if you don't own property locally you should not vote in local elections. They have an op-ed piece in the Durham Herald Sun. I posted some comments in their on-line version of this piece, opposing the article. Many BlueNC readers have taken note of the so-called work done by this group. They must be called out, often and loudly.

I encourage you to call them on their so-called desire to promote free and fair elections.


The Voter Integrity Project

is just another sideshow in Art Pope's circus, with a list of FAQs that would be embarrassing to anyone with a ounce of integrity. Truth is, there are way more questions than answers about this Republican front organization, even on their own website.

Why is it that so many political whack jobs happen to be ex-Air Force officers hooked into the Tea Party? And more to the point, who is paying this clown to crusade for voter suppression?

Not surprising that the Herald Sun allows such crap on their editorial pages ... not surprising at all.

" They must be called out, often and loudly."

...for praise.

Our election laws have been disgracefully abused by 140 years of Democrats making the rules. Arguably, NC has the worst election laws in the U.S. and the integrity of any election in this state has become 'suspect.'
Hopefully, the new broom in the Governor's Mansion will sweep out all the trash before the next election in NC.

"Disgracefully abused"

By allowing college students to vote in their place of residence according to state law? By allowing every person over age 18 to exercise their constitutional right to vote?

I would remain anonymous as well.


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There are no stats to back up

There are no stats to back up your claims. Give some examples of bad 'rules.'

Bad rules

NC has the third most onerous ballot access rules in the United States as judged by Ballot Access News.