It is unfortunate BlueNC is being used for libel

It is unfortunate that BlueNC is allowing itself to be used to post a video that is libelous. This is full of untrue statements and slanted, defamatory information.

The recent elimination of full-time positions is part of an ongoing reorganization of the NCDP that will actually reduce the number of permanent staff positions and engage more part-time and project oriented expertise on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

All parties must be aware of this irresponsible behavior by Frank Eaton, his video is full of untruths and half truths, and the libel will be accounted for, by all parties.

Comments disabled: I've decided to put a temporary moratorium on intraparty feuding, just for a few days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


The chair is reorganizing, as promised

This is libel, possibly, and certainly full of half truths. The new positions are temporary contracts, not annual contracts, so the "monthly budget" figures, for instance, are bogus.

The Chair Randy Voller is putting into place effective new talent recognized on a NATIONAL level, resisting the pitches of people like Frank Eaton with thin resumes but hearty appetites for Democratic Party funds.

Anyone who lost a job under Randy Voller lost it for cause, and that explains these underhanded, shadowy and dramatically untrue accusations.

It is unfortunate that BlueNC would allow someone to defame and libel anyone let alone the chair of the party.

It is unfortunate

that supporters of Randy Voller would try to use the implied threat of a lawsuit to shut people up from the other side, and doubly unfortunate they would try to (also) threaten this website and all its members, which includes, you know, Randy himself.

Make your arguments, but leave the legal threats out of it.

Libel from a jilted consultant, at that

What campaign did Mr. Eaton work for that has won? And how has he helped Democrats? The new hires made by Chairman Voller are of NATIONALLY recognized consultants and political experts.

Mr Eaton pitched his own company, Pivotal Campaign Services, to Chair Voller a few weeks ago, but failed to impress. This current libel is his complaint that, while his resume is thin, his appetite is hearty for NCDP funds.

Anyone who lost a job since Feb 2 lost it for cause.

The newly appointed positions are for temporary contracts, so the "monthly" figures are misleading. The whole video is full of half truth and libel. Everyone involved will be responsible.

It's out there

This video is making its way around Facebook, posted originally by Frank Eaton. I suggest is would be irresponsible for a progressive blog like BlueNC to pretend it doesn't exist.

It's clear this is one of those "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situations. We run into them a lot. That's why of our first principles is radical transparency, even though it may be uncomfortable in the short term.

I don't know whether the assertions made in the video are valid or not, but I'm confident that the only path to clarity is open and honest discussion.


Libel law does not apply to public figures

Or so I was told myself as a former candidate.

I suggest that Randy Voller is very much a public figure, which opens him up to all sorts of derogatory remarks. I am neither agreeing with or disagreeing with such remarks, but just telling the way the law works.

I am a Convention delegate and open to hearing from all sides of this controversy, as long as blows remain above the belt.

Martha Brock

Thank you, Martha

for the comment about the belt.


A gentle warning

I will close this thread down if threats and name calling continue. If we can't have a reasoned conversation, we won't have one at all.


PS And thank you for making this a learning moment for me. Seeing all this hyperbole spread around two people I admire (Voller & Eaton) makes me feel terrible about having engaged in such tactics on occasions in the past.

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By popular request, we're going to put a moratorium on intraparty feuding for a few days and let things cool off.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.