It's Our Copy of the Bill of Rights After All

"This is good news for the people of North Carolina," said Attorney General Roy Cooper in a prepared statement Thursday. "We've fought hard to bring our copy of the Bill of Rights home where it belongs, and we'll continue to fight off challenges that would seek to take this important symbol and historic treasure away from us again."

Cooper, Gov. Mike Easley, and U.S. Attorney Frank Whitney worked together to return the document to North Carolina.

More and the backstory here.


Bill of rights.

Now there's a quaint idea.

Big storm

I keep losing's either the storm or my net ain't neutral anymore :)...

Great...we get the durned bill of rights back after it is meaningless..

Going to turn this off, I think.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

It's here now.

Thanks for passing it along.