It's a TRAP: The GOP's devious war on womens' choice


The epitome of paternalistic prevarication:

Nonetheless, the narrative that abortion is a risky medical procedure frames abortion restrictions as a compassionate effort to improve women’s health and serves a larger strategic purpose.

TRAP laws are designed to force clinics to shutter. By requiring abortion providers to meet impossible standards, like widening their hallways, expanding their closets, installing new air filtration systems and applying for unnecessary licenses, clinics are left with no choice but to close. Last year, the N.C. General Assembly passed the “Women and Children’s Protection Act of 2015” even though there is no evidence that it protects anyone. What it does do is require doctors who perform abortions after 16 weeks of pregnancy to perform ultrasounds and supply the ultrasound images to state officials.

It's not only TRAP laws which use deception and misinformation to forward the anti-abortion movement, the education of pregnancy-prone young people is also fair game:

SECTION 2. G.S. 115C‑81(e1)(4a) reads as rewritten:

"(4a) Each local school administrative unit shall also include as part of the instruction required under subdivision (4) of this subsection the following instruction:

a. Teaches about sexually transmitted diseases. Instruction shall include how sexually transmitted diseases are and are not transmitted, the effectiveness and safety of all federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)‑approved methods of reducing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and information on local resources for testing and medical care for sexually transmitted diseases. Instruction shall include the rates of infection among pre‑teen and teens of each known sexually transmitted disease and the effects of contracting each sexually transmitted disease. In particular, the instruction shall include information about the effects of contracting the Human Papilloma Virus, including sterility and cervical cancer.

b. Teaches about the effectiveness and safety of all FDA‑approved contraceptive methods in preventing pregnancy. pregnancy, except for drugs such as those marketed under the name "Preven" or "Plan B" or any "equivalent drug product" as defined in G.S. 90‑85.27(1) that may cause spontaneous abortions.

Plan B is not only legal in NC, the FDA has approved over-the-counter dispensing of it. This bill (which is still active) would make it illegal for sex education teachers to even mention it, much less recommend it. The sole purpose of this bill, regardless of however Chris Whitmire or Skip Stam try to frame it, is to deceive young women (and girls) into being trapped in a pregnancy they probably don't want. Welcome to the fucking 17th Centtury.



As you can probably tell,

these self-centered gynoticians make my blood boil. So please pardon my French when I occasionally drop an F-bomb in there for good measure. It's better than the alternative, where Evil Steve gets me arrested for smacking the color out of their faces...