I've Been Wondering About 527s

The US House recently voted to restrict giving to 527 organisations (political groups not regulated by FEC regulations). I kind of figured that in a Republican-controlled legislature, this would primarily be a bad thing for Democrats. But I also knew that I didn't know enough on the topic say much about it.

George Will, on the other hand, feels comfortable speaking out. In this one vote he sees reason enough to ditch the vast majority of House Republicans, who (he says) "used their power for their only remaining purpose -- to cling to power." He's mad, you see. (He doesn't explain why it has taken this vote or this issue to finally lead him to the conclusion "that House Republicans are not worth working for in October or venturing out to vote for in November.")

Anyway, here's why I even noticed his column: "How many principled Republicans remain? Only 18. The following, who voted against restricting 527s: ...Walter Jones (North Carolina),...."


I'm a George Will fan...

He is many times the lone voice of reason at the WaPo.

Did you have a specific question about 527s? Will pretty much hit the nail on the head....and yeah...old Walter is something isn't he? I just don't know what to make of him sometimes. That was the right vote. I need to research Walter after I finish with Hayes and Myrick.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


seems to me to be an old school gun-and-bible with a libertarian streak Republican (the sort who made most of us want to be Democrats). Whether he was unable to adjust to the new big-government world-shaping Republican ideal or he's just waiting for its moment to pass, he seems to stay true to his principles. Of course, what those principles are is another story. RealValues is all over that.

A George Will fan.

Oh man, SD, you're breaking mah heart. Sure he says something cogent once every dozen columns or so . . . but that's no reason to like the guy.

I will admit he's not come up on my radar

I've been frying other fish. I actually quit messing with Chuck b/c Screwy and DQ have it covered. There aren't enough hours in the day....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The whole point of a community

(as opposed to single bloggers) is that we can coordinate our efforts. I need to get on Howard Coble. I'll admit that my own congressman is the among those in the state I know least about.

There's a reason for that...

who really wants to know more about Howard Coble? I mean, really?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Giving donations to a 527 is basically a way to get around the "soft money" ban from the McCain-Feingold bill that made it illegal to receive huge donations from one person anymore. I pretty much just learned that last night reading Crashing the Gates, so I more or less just regurgitated it to you. After the soft money ban, Dems had to learn to rely on more small donations and the larger donations from 527's merely supplement them, rather than the other way around which was the old way. So I dont know if regulating 527's will hurt anything much.

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas

From Deep In The Heart Of Texas