Jefferson/Jackson Dinner

I was interviewed by NPR this morning about the state of the Democratic Party from a grassroots perspective and one of the topics we discussed was how the recent controversy at the state party was going to affect fundraising. I think turnout at the Jefferson/Jackson dinner next month will be telling. There is no way the dinner will bring in the numbers from four years ago but I think it will be a good gauge on what should be expected over the next few months.

This dinner has traditionally been one of if not the largest fundraiser for the state party each year and who shows should be pretty interesting.



Jefferson/Jackson Dinner

Not quite sure what the answer will be. I am hearing the YD's may be putting together a separate event. You are right in that it will be telling.

Let me quash this rumor.

That is untrue. The YDs always have an after JJ event.

I will not have anything to do with JJ until they change

its name. I thought that had been addressed at an SEC meeting long about 2007 or so, but NCDP chose to ignore the outcome of a floor vote on the applicable resolution. My views on JJ have nothing to do with the Late Great Unpleasantness. Sorry if this constitutes a hijack.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

I think I recall that vote.

and while I agree with you on the name, I will never forget the 2008 dinner when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both spoke. I had never felt quite that close to history before, and that was very exciting.

thought it was Vance/Aycock

I thought it was the Vance/Aycock dinner that got voted for a name change?

At an SEC meeting (2007?) there was a motion

presented to change the name of VA. I proposed an amendment to include changing the name of JJ as well. The amendment was approved by the SEC by paper ballot, but the amended resolution was never voted on due to an ill timed (intentionally?) quorum call. The VA name change might have come at a later time, but the SEC, at that meeting mentioned above, did want to change the names of both dinners.

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?