Jennifer Roberts for U.S. Congress

First of all, I'm new here. Hi. Good to see you. Now, let's get to business.

I read a story in the Observer the other day about Jennifer Roberts. Here's the story. For those of you who live outside of Mecklenburg County, she's the newly-elected Democratic chair of the Mecklenburg County Commissioners. Almost completely unknown outside of her district, Roberts ran for an at-large seat this fall and shocked everyone by receiving the most votes. More than Meck Co. Democratic fixture Parks Helms.

Now, Roberts will be the new chair of the Commissioners, and she has a lot on her plate. But the reason I took note of the story was that she mentioned in a little sidebar that she aspired to one day run for Congress. A light bulb went off over my head. "Where can we find a seat for her?" I first thought of Rep. Sue Myrick, who represents the Ninth District. There are rumors that Myrick might retire soon. The speculation is fed by the rumors that Sen. Elizabeth Dole might retire, leaving the GOP scrambling for a Senate candidate in 2008. If Dole does decide to stay home, Myrick might try and go for the Senate. Or maybe Roberts could challenge Myrick in 2008. Hell, it would a Presidential election, and Mecklenburg County is trending bluer. Maybe she could take her!

I discovered a wrench in the works when I looked up Roberts' voter registration and found that she lives in the 8th District. With any luck, Larry Kissell will be the next Congressman from the 8th District, meaning Roberts couldn't run here. And if Kissell loses, chances are he will be recruited to run again in 208.

So, this is my project, and I invite all of you to join me: we must ascertain whether Myrick plans to retire in 2008 or 2010. If so, we must convince Roberts to move to the 9th District. Also, we must confirm that Larry will run again in 2008 if he does not win this year. If Larry elects not to run, I think we've found our challenger for Robin Hayes in 2008.

Bottom line: Roberts is exactly the kind of candidate who can win. After a few years on the county commissioners, she'll have the name recognition and the connections to launch a strong bid. And with her leadership experience in the community, she'll have the ties for fundraising. She's progressive, smart, capable, and very electable.

Check out her website:



This is a great site. I had been lurking for awhile but dove right in when I see a post about Mecklenburg politics! Orange and Durham counties get the press for being progressive outposts in the this state but Mecklenburg should not be overlooked. We need to get even more Meck residents blogging on here! I also don't think that Charlotte would be averse to electing a Dem Mayor. The City Council and County Commission are majority Democratic so why not the Mayor's Office? I think Roberts is moderate enough to make a go at it. She would also make a great Congresswoman. Either way I am happy that she plans a long upward focused political future, she is a great symbol for North Carolina.

This is great!

We only have a few who post here. I've tried pretty hard to get my political friends to blog here - or at least comment. Please feel free to even write short posts about Charlotte/Mecklenburg. We'll all jump in to discuss.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I will definitely be blogging here often

I realize Mecklenburg is not on par progressively with Orange or Durham, the Democratic majority in this county is in the more moderate vein, and we don't have the elite universities here that tend to spawn very liberal communities surrounding them. But we are attracting moderate Republicans and Democrats in droves from California and the Northeast who are fiscally conservative and socially openminded and I think they were key to Roberts success and will help to propel her further along.

You and SD

could be the catalysts for getting Charlotte engaged big time. And in doing so, you'll help us understand what's the hell is going on there.

I confess, Charlotte politics is a bafflement to me. It doesn't seem like the city is living up to its potential power for affecting statewide politics nearly as much as it could.

And then there's that little Jim Black problem.

Really glad you're here!