Jesse Tilton, ElectriCities in a panic

These legislators got ElectriCities PAC checks and we are calling them and asking them to return them given the shadow on the organization as a result of a rate increase and questions regarding why the rate increase is so large. And a meeting upcome where we will ask about it. Apparently we are making headway

Jesse Tilton has his 15 lobbyists making a mad dash to the legislature "to do some splaining" and to try to recover from complaint calls legislators are getting. So we need to counter.

Main number to reach legislators 919-733-4111. Please help us make people aware.

Some details
Dan Blue D, Wake County, lobbied for ElectriCities, then back in legislature, pushed a bill to his committee to take care of his former client - no electric cities in his district
Hugh Holloman D, Lexington, majority leader
Martin Nesbitt D, Asheville, no electric cities
Rick Glazier D Fayetteville, worked with Dan Blue to push bill to committee, his city is not a power agency city with debt or rate increase
Tony Rand D, Fayetteville
David Hoyle D, Gastonia
Fred Steen R, pushing the moratorium on annexation bill so on one hand against cities and on other for cities.
Joe Hackney D, no electric cities in district
Karen Ray R Statesville
Mark Basnight D Manteo
Bill Owens D Elizabeth City
Phil Berger R, no electric cities, minority leader
Jeff Barnhart R Concord
Laura Wiley R High Point
David Weinstein D Lumberton
Edgar Starnes R Granite Falls
Larry Shaw D fayetteville
Jim Harrell D, no electric cities in district
Katie Dorsett D Greensboro
Bill Purcell D Laurinburg


Help to Change ElectriCities


We have a large group of ratepayers attending on June 27 so we plan to ask our questions but we know we will be stonewalled. We have contacted small newspapers and asked reporters to be there and they are responding affirmatively.

Anyone who is a regular BLUENC person who can come, especially any who live in the 32 electric cities in the east, we would love to have them there.

Many business people will attend but are scared because they think city council member who get personal benefits (trips, meals) from ElectriCities will "punish" them for speaking out.

We want these legislators to listen to the concerns we have about a PAC getting money from employees in the face of some pretty ridiculous salaries and raises/bonuses and board members and then recycling the money to legislators. In an ideal world, they would stand up and not take it with a rate increase that will hurt families, seniors, businesses in 32 cities. They can all get elected without taking money from ElectriCities. And, most of all we want legislators to ask about this 10% wholesale rate increase. Tilton told his board of commissioners there was a synthetic swap refinance of the debt and the variable rose and cost millions; he waited six months to tell them and outed his CFO to put blame on him. Several commissioners told us 2-3% of the rate increase is this bungled refinance deal. And then apparently 2% is due to the operational costs rising. Cities are cutting back on raises, personnel and ELectriCites has hired more people - 5 lobbyists on staff and 10 on contract which is a lot more than the big energy companies; has given raises; is continuing to hold their parties and trips. And we understand legal bills are phenomenal there. So, 5% could have been avoided if the board had taken action.

Anyone who feels strongly about PACs, public money in PACs and the appearance of acceptance of PAC money in the face of a rate increase that will hurt people could help us with the calls.

Any or all of this would be a huge help. And I know you have people in the cities on here, because they email me.

Al Manning

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run

Call to Action

The PAC Money is out of the hands of ratepayers - poor, senior, housing authority, small business, challenged big business in eastern nc - to staff and board members and then through the PAC to legislators.

If I was one, I would return it in a nano second so I could look people in the eye and really I mean I care about them.

Jesse Tilton

Very interesting post. Had not thought of this.

About Tilton

"Apparently working equally hard to justify himself to his members. Wow. He hasn't put in this many hours in 10 years.

But his personality is antagonizing and arrogant so reaction is probably doing more harm than good and calling more attention to himself. But, hey, maybe he wants that. If his juicy contract has a buy out he may be looking for the multi million dollar exit strategy - whatdoyouthink"

Speaking of feeding at the public trough. How do we find out what kind of pay out this guy gets. It looks as if he is trying to screw up even more.

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run