Is Joe Biden "The One"?

Joe Biden's star sure seemed to shine last week at the Meredith College rally in Raleigh. Could he be "The One"?



We know he isn't That One.

The Other One

Maybe he's The Other One

Seriously, those are great pictures.

Did you take them, Greg?

What did you think of Biden's speech? (assuming you were there)


I was there and took those pictures. His speech was a great mixture of fire with cheering and of poignant moments when you could hear a pin drop as everyone listened intently.

Great photos, Greg!

Joe has been great on the stump. I loved the line he used a couple of weeks back, before the last debate. Taking off his jacket he said, how in his neighborhood, people will look you in the eye if they accuse you of something! lol.

I went to the Raleigh Wed Obama rally. My son even put on an Obama button and listened intently to Obama! (I've been trying for years to get him more interested in politics). Obama won him over.

My daughter, who has been much more interested in politics for years, was so impressed by the diversity of the crowd. It really was a beautiful sight!

We had a great time.