Karl Rove at the NC-11 Republican Convention

rove-god.jpg“They embrace a culture of defeat…death, and we have to fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here.” - Karl Rove, in Hendersonville on Saturday, April 28, talking about Democrats or terrorists. I'm not sure which.

179 old white delegates gathered at West Henderson High School to hold their annual 11th district Republican Convention. Every county in the district had a section, and the empty half of the auditorium held the press, the non-delegates, and the Hooligans. Clay County didn't bother sending anyone at all, though an imaginary source told me that they stayed away because Rove's pheromones cause Clay county women to swoon and Clay County men to feel desperate and insecure.

I couldn't be bothered paying too much attention to the election of officers (everyone ran unopposed) or to the business of the convention itself, so Drama Queen and I busied ourselves interviewing the GOP stars on display, Gubernatorial candidate and Senator Fred Smith, Representative Carolyn Justus, D.A. and likely future candidate for Congress Jeff Hunt, former (and future?) candidate for Congress John Armor, former Representative and candidate Keith Presnell, and a fellow who was looking into the effects of all that illegal immigration. The interview vids will be posted over the next couple of days, as will the Rove speech in its boring entirety.

Rove spent the afternoon meeting with local Republicans. He arrived at 12:30 via commercial air, before the Rove protesters had a chance to set up in their free speech zone through the woods and across the street from the venue. The local dailies will have photos up soon, and I'll update this post when they do.

Aside from a little fire and brimstone during the introduction to the Pledge of Allegiance (UNDER GOD!), the scene was stale and torpid until Commandant Rove took the stage. Below are some quotes from The Architect himself:

On his MC Rove performance - "“Long after I have left this Earth, I will be remembered for making a complete fool out of myself."

On Tax and Spend Democrats - “Democrats will balance the budget on the backs of the working man” ... “commitment to raise taxes by 400 billion dollars” ... “If you work in this country, then your taxes are going up.” ... “Raising taxes 500 dollars per child per year.” ... “26 millions small business owners” ... “They’re going to tax you at death”.

“Why are they so anxious to raise taxes? They want to spend it.”

On Bush's fiscal responsibility - "It was tough to go up to hill and say, “we want you to cut back on government spending”. “now that we see a balanced budget on the horizon, they [Dems] want to raise your taxes.”

Quoting Osama bin Laden - “Given the choice between a strong horse and weak horse, people will always choose the strong horse."

On the "pork" in the supplemental - “A war supplemental spending bill should not be an opportunity for bribes.”

On Democrats' efforts to change the course in Iraq - “We have one Constitution, one President, and we should have one foreign policy.”

And my personal favorite - “Our philosophy of government is held by the majority of Americans whether they know it or not, whether they’re aware of it or not.”

Stay tuned for the video highlights, and know that somewhere nearby, Karl Rove is holding forth on the quality of western North Carolina barbecue.

A big Hooligan shout out to David Sawyer, Chair of the 11th District Republicans, who was entirely accomodating, giving us press credentials and access to everything except the back room. Your willingness to invite us is a sign of good faith, and we won't forget it.

UPDATE: Here are the links to the Hendersonville Times-News coverage of the speech and of the protest.


Just a little tweak

Keith Presnell is a former state senator: 47th district (Avery, Haywood, Madison, McDowell, Mitchell, Yancey) now held by Joe Sam Queen, who held it from 02-04. Presidential years are tough on Dems out here.

And the first third of the Rovian blovation seems to be stuck forever on my camera. It will play there but not on my computer. Maybe that's for the best!
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Totally freaky

I'm still kind of in shock. Did we really sit there and say nothing because we were the "media?"

Hey do we want to post the whole speech? Maybe we don't want to propagate his "spewage" for him.

Besides the upload seems to have died.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

At least he didn't get your souls.

I was worried all day about you two. Now I can put away the garlic, the silver crucifix, and the salt.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

What was totally weird

was that the whole event seemed no different than one held by Democrats. Pledge, prayer, color guard. So many faces looked the same that I kept thinking I knew people. It was bizarre. Everyone was very nice to me. No one turned us down for an interview.

When Rove came in, he was so unremarkable I couldn't believe I was in the room with a national figure. I've never been so unimpressed. No charisma at all. The crowd response was tepid until he got into his usual 9/11 bullshit. Unfortunately, (or fortunately, some might say) my camera glitched at that moment so you won't see his references to pearl harbor and towers falling. But the crowd then sparked up and responded to the rest of his blovation.

There were several times when I wanted to speak up and contradict him but, on the whole, he just seemed like a passable speaker who says a lot of things that aren't true in such an matter-of-fact way that people who want to believe him have no trouble doing so.
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Good Job and I'm sorry

go to the dark side to get this. So glad that you did tho and am looking forward to more on it. Just a note to Rove, it's not just history that will show you as a fool, to many you are already!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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Thank You Brave Hooligans

Balanced Budget, my ass, Karl. We had a balanced budget paid for by the working man. Your corrupt regime spent it in 6 months.

“Democrats will balance the budget on the backs of the working man” ..

Since it took us 8 years to balance the budget last time - this time we'll balance it on the backs of crooked CEOs like you and your pals. Time to pony up.


was mentioned by both Jerry and Rahm. The best comment was that Rove held a free event and had 1/3 of the people that we had, and you had to pay a good amount to get into our event.

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"Keep the Faith"

I keep seeing "mainstream media" reporting

300 attendees. That's nuts. They had 179 delegates by their own count and I saw very few guests. No more than twenty. And then maybe there were another dozen state-wide types planning to run for offices (like NCGOP chair and a couple state treasurer candidates). No way was there 300. And, of course, none of them mentioned that the venue itself was half empty.
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Damn librul media


Great job, guy and gal! And also kudos to Mr. Sawyer for being the first decent (R) I've heard of in years.