Kissell Cycles Stanly County

Larry Kissell showed that he still has the legs by riding with the Uwharrie Wheelmen's Saturday morning ride in Stanly County from Albemarle going through Richfield, New London, Palestine and Badin. Larry, despite not having very many cycling miles due his campaign schedule, hung on the climbs that included Tower Hill outside of Palestine, but rumor has it he took advantage of the over forty exemption and passed on the climb to the top of Morrow Mountain.

Larry demonstrated his man of the people touch by fitting right in with the riders and engaging all of them with the usual small talk that goes on during a ride. He did humor me by listening to some of my rants on some of the issues, but I tried to keep that to a minimum. Larry showed up no large entourage, just another cycling friend. This was a good opportunity for me to get to know Larry outside of a political function and it re-enforced my belief that he is the real deal and understands the concerns of the everyday person in the District. I look forward to having Larry back to enjoy the fine cycling in Stanly County and doing the Morrow Mountain climb when he is our Representative in Congress.


Oh Cutter, that's great

But couldn't you do the "Look, Ma, No hands!" routine and take some pictures? Just kidding....this is a very nice piece and it's great to know that Larry was able to enjoy biking in Stanly County. I spoke with him by phone not long ago when he called simply to thank me for the little bit I do and one thing he mentioned was that he missed biking. I know he enjoyed Saturday as much, if not more than you and the other bikers did. Thanks for bringing this to us. Recommended.

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I wish I had photos too. I had invited Larry a few months ago, but was not expecting him yesterday. If anyone is interested go to and check out some of the Stanly County cycling routes.

Larry is a class act.

People in NC 8 will actually be proud of their Congressman again when Larry wins. How could Flipper have turned his back on his constituents so callously?

I know how: because he's a Bushbot Lapdog Rubber Stamp Puppet.

Now say that six times

as fast as you can......;)

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Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

picking up voters...

to my inexperienced view, this seems like a great way to pick up voters in a Blue Moon election. Those folks should all receive a postcard during early voting asking them to bike down to the town hall and vote.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.