Kochs purchase Thom Tillis

The recent Patriot Majority advertisement says that Thom Tillis is like one of the family to the Koch brothers, and Thom's recent campaign finance reports bear that out.

Charles Koch, his wife, son and daughter-in-law each gave Tillis the maximum $2,600 contribution, according to his campaign finance report made public Wednesday. Tillis, the House speaker, reported the combined $10,400 in donations on June 26 and 27. Earlier this year, he reported a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC.

Of course, all that pales in comparison to the millions in dark money that the Kochs have already spent on Thom's behalf.

Koch and his brother, David, the billionaire conservative donors reviled by Democrats, also are boosting Tillis’ campaign through various outside groups they support. Tillis is one of a select group of candidates getting showered with Koch family money this campaign season.

Welcome to the family, and the family business Thom! You'll fit right in!