There's a story in the N&O today that, if accurate and complete, is pretty sad. Luther Hodges Jr. served on Jimmy Carter's cabinet, was chairman of NC National Bank, and CEO of the First Bank of Washington. When he came back to NC, he'd switched parties to become a Republican, and was appointed to a term of service on the Ports Authority. The N&O says that he did good work there. Now that Democrats are back in control of the state legislature, Hodges can't get his Ports Authority gig renewed. He also wanted to be considered for a spot on the UNC System board, but couldn't even get his name on the list. Hodges thinks its because he's a Republican.

There's probably more to this story, but if state Democratic Party leaders are willing to discard a seasoned and experienced candidate for important state positions just because of his party label, it had better be because we have someone even better in our own party. And right now, I'm not so comfortable with those decisions being made by Jim Black.