Larry Kissell, NC-08 on Fox News Rising - Great Interview

Larry had a great interview on Fox News Rising on the local channel here in Charlotte. Beth Troutman, the woman conducting the interview, was Hayes' opponent in 2004. She sure does seem to like Larry, doesn't she?



How can anyone NOT like Larry.

Unless you're talking about the lyin', crooked, greedy old man named Flipper Hayes. I know he doesn't like Larry ... because Larry is going to send him into early retirement next Tuesday.

Great interview, Larry!

PS One piece of rhetorical advice to all good candidates from Yoda in Star Wars. Never say "try." There is no try. There is do. Or do not.

I'm still waiting

for you to chip in for the Gold-Plated Flip Flops. Just a few more bucks and we can get 'em engraved. I'm thinking "Don't let the door hit ya on the way out" has a nice ring to it.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

elon poll

((Shock)) the elon poll is better than the press release indicated.

Republicans have under 5 point leads even on their "great" issues like "family values" and terrorism.

"Keep the Faith"

No kidding

Every time NPR talked about it, their story changed. "Hayes is running closer than he thinks" to "Hayes should feel comfortable with his numbers" to "Hayes should win re-election".

Meanwhile, Larry is up 41-33% with 68% saying its time to give someone else a chance.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

MoveOn NC-08 just dropped $138,322 into NC-08 in independent spending for Hayes opposition ads:
$128,690 10/31/2006 Advertising
$9,632 10/31/2006 Video Production