Larry Kissell Pokes a Stick in our Eyes

In today's (Dec 6) Stanly News and Press I read with disgust Larry Kissell latest betrayal of the progressive Democrats who worked hard to get him elected. Seems that Larry is disappointed that Congress didn't repeal the Estate Tax. Estate Tax? I just can't figure out why Kissell is supporting the repeal of the Estate Tax. Healthcare and TARP funds are a high profile issues, so I can understand his attempts to appease conservatives by voting against these issues. But outside of politically active conservatives and progressives and the very few people who the tax would impact, no voter in District 8 really cares about the estate tax. Nobody is going into the polls next election thinking, "Gee Congressman Kissell worked hard t o repeal the estate tax, I think I am going to vote for him". If Larry thinks that he is going to get the vote of the anti-tax conservative, he is fooling himself because they will never vote for a Democrat. All that Larry is doing with this support of Estate tax repeal is proving that he doesn't care about the Democrat base and is driving away his support from progressive Democrats. He sure has lost mine.


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Got any links?

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what does n/t stand for?

And who would have ever thunk that Larry Kissell would wade in this deep with the privileged few?

I guess once you start selling out your constituents it gets easier and easier as you go.

No telling?

I don't know, maybe that or maybe "no text" ... something along those lines.

Larry Kissell has been a sad failure. Don't get me started.