Larry Kissell is Ready to Win in November

First, let me set you straight. I'm not some giddy little school girl - far from it. Meeting Larry Kissell made my day, yesterday. When I planned to go to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Convention I hadn't thought about the candidates who might be there. Once I saw a few shaking hands, I made a beeline for the Larry Kissell table.

He is tall. Not imposing tall, but Mr. Smith-goes-to-Washington tall. Oh...and humble...yes, the humility is palpable, as is the honesty. This isn't some slick talking, in-your-face, self-annointed savior of the 8th District. Nope, just the opposite. Larry is real.

More about the Kissell campaign below the fold.

Don't let Larry's down-home charm fool you though, He has an edge. He may be honest and he may not be a politico, but he isn't stupid. In other words, don't let the humility disarm you because the man is smart enough to capitalize on the situation.

If you're worried about a lack of campaign experience, you can quit worrying. Larry started his campaign early enough that he is now completely at-ease with meeting and greeting and LISTENING. I stood back and watched him for a while. He was as comfortable in the crowd as the seasoned pro, Mel Watt. (My Rep.)

For those of you who haven't committed to helping Larry win in November and to helping bring a Democratic majority to the US House, I say, it's time. Don't take my word for it. He's out there. He's going to be attending the other conventions. Go meet him.

If you need a little more convincing, take a cue from the fighting Dem, Tim Dunn. After ending his bid for the seat, Tim is not only endorsing Larry, but represented him at the Democratic Party convention in Fayetteville.

I also had the great pleasure to meet Steve Hudson, Larry's campaign manager. I've been in his shoes - granted for a NC House seat - but I know what he's up against. It's a hard job. He has the same open, friendly demeanor that Larry has. He doesn't come across as a "handler", which I think is good in this district and I got the impression that not much gets by him.

I have a lot of stories about yesterday. This is my favorite. Larry can win, but more importantly, he can represent all the people of the 8th District and he can do it with honesty and humility and integrity.

Larry Kissell and campaign manager, Steve Hudson.




I am not a paid campaign worker or an unpaid campaign worker at this point, but I do consider myself a supporter. I have volunteered to work a poll for Larry in the November election. If I can do more, I will. This race is that important and it isn't even my district.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I also need to add that....

one of Larry's opponents in the May primary was also in attendance. I will give a better rundown of convention happenings after I finish some yard work. I have an allergy headache, so gonna get out in the yard and make it worse!!!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Great work, SD.

I've liked Larry "virtually" from the get-go, and he even signs his own thank you notes. If we had a US House full of good people like this man, we'd have a government that would make us proud -- intead of embarrassing the hell out of us every damn day.

Thanks for a wonderful report.

Thanks, A. I'm very excited about this race

I wish you lived close enough to his district to make it easy to meet him. I am not a pushover. I'm putting together something more comprehensive for Kos. I'll post it tomorrow and do my best to get it rec'd.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.