Last month was the warmest September on record

Fiddling while the forests burn:

Worldwide, last month was the warmest September on record, topping a record set just a year before, European scientists announced Wednesday. It was also the hottest September on record for Europe. Northern Siberia, Western Australia, the Middle East and parts of South America similarly recorded above-average temperatures.

The announcement, by the Copernicus Climate Change Service, an intergovernmental agency supported by the European Union, capped nine months of devastating wildfires and followed the most active Atlantic hurricane season since 2005.

But of course this is just another Democrat hoax, created decades ago to (eventually) make Donald Trump look bad. The John Locke Foundation has always been a climate change denier, or a proponent of "there's got to be a better way than renewables," while of course coming up with zero ideas to achieve that. But their decision to hire Amy Oliver Cooke to lead their organization was the ultimate kow-tow to the fossil fuel industry:

"The beauty of this president is he's not really an ideologue," said Amy Oliver Cooke, the executive vice president and director of the Energy Policy Center for the libertarian-leaning Independence Institute in Colorado. Cooke sat on Trump's EPA transition team.

"He's a business guy and he wants results," Cooke continued. "This is the best time if you are an energy, or environmental policy, or free marketeer. If you have an idea that has results, there is no better time than right now."

Cooke spoke recently at an Independence Institute event with Myron Ebell, a Colorado College graduate who led EPA transition efforts for Trump.

"What we've been through is more than eight years of regulatory self-flagellation, where we were told we could only have either clean air or develop your natural resources; clean water or affordable power," Cooke said. "This (Trump) is a president who doesn't seem to believe that. He's saying we can have all of that."

Of course Amy and her ilk don't really care about clean air, or clean water, or the obvious warming of our planet, they only care about making semi-plausible arguments to keep the fossil fuel industry making money. Because that's how they make money, via their "think tank" networks.

Here's an update from a young woman who really does care about our planet, Greta Thunberg:

The thought of us giving up on the 1.5 or well below 2°C-targets of the Paris Agreement - without people even knowing what the full consequences of that would mean to future generations and to the most affected people and areas - is simply unacceptable.

The way the global aspect of equity and climate justice is being systematically and completely ignored in the European debate is shameful.

Yes, WE might be able to ”adapt”, for a while. We have the infrastructure and the resources.
But the global majority has not.

When the EU's climate policies and targets are being discussed, the aspect of equity doesn’t even seem to exist. Apparently it’s not even worth a mention. And yet, climate justice is the very heart of the Paris Agreement. And we have clearly signed up to lead the way.

She's only 17, but her maturity and intellect have already (far) surpassed JLF's new leader.