Latino groups call out Pat's lies

As already noted by BlueNC, Pat's rant about immigrant children in North Carolina is the result of spite, ignorance and shameless self promotion.

Now, others are pointing out Pat's lies.

Angeline Echeverria, executive director of El Pueblo, a nonprofit advocacy group for Latinos in the Triangle, said the governor never bothered to contact El Pueblo or any other organization working with the refugee children. All of the groups have the information he said his administration lacks.

"He seems to be spending a lot of energy raising fears, raising concerns about the unaccompanied minors, about the children who are fleeing violence," Echeverria said at a news conference. "We are very concerned about his setting a tone that is unwelcoming, a tone that is generating fear and mistrust."

Fear and mistrust? From Pat? Did he imply that these children are diseased and would spread sickness to North Carolinians (Hint: YES he did).

Advocates said the suggestion that the children pose a health risk to others is unfounded because they have all been screened by doctors. Rev. William Barber, president of the state chapter of the NAACP, said previous generations of American immigrants faced similar accusations.

"American history is one of welcoming, but it also has an ugly side," Barber said, pointedly sending a message to McCrory: "Why are you picking on suffering immigrant children?"

Yeah, Pat, why are you picking on suffering immigrant children? Why?


Pat responds

Haha...surely you didn't believe that. Faced with the question of why he is picking on suffering immigrant children:

There was no immediate response from McCrory's office.

Making things worse for Prevaricating Pat, Chapel Hill Town Councilwoman Maria Palmer and Rev. William Barber both called out the sleaze behind Pat's immigration rant.

McCrory should be more concerned with the thousands of children statewide living in poverty or whose families lack health insurance, Palmer said.

"These (immigrant) children ... are not the real threat to North Carolina," she said. "Your mean-spirited policies of denying basic assistance to working families and the middle class, that is the real threat to North Carolina."

Barber said McCrory is using the issue of immigrant children to distract the public from other issues confronting the state, from poverty to the closure of rural hospitals. The governor's criticism of the federal government also helps Republican candidates in the upcoming elections, Barber said.

"It's an old trick," he said. "What's wrong with the governor that (you) would make this your top issue with all of the other problems?"

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014