Legislature considering allowing sewage to be pumped into our aquifers...ACTION!!

Below is the text of an email I received today from the North Carolina Conservation Network. It's almost impossible to believe anyone would actually consider asking for or allowing this to happen. Almost...simply because the people we elect seem to be capable of anything.

Due to the public health risks, it is currently illegal in North Carolina to inject treated sewage into our groundwater. However, this week the state legislature is likely to begin committee hearings and could vote on a measure to unravel this public health protection.

House Bill 643 would allow incompletely-treated wastewater (also known as “reclaimed water”) to be injected into North Carolina’s groundwater aquifers. This legislation would overturn a longstanding law that protects vital drinking-water sources and could potentially pose a significant health risk to millions of North Carolinians who depend on clean groundwater for use in their homes and businesses. Click here to stop H643

House Bill 643 was introduced just last week and is expected to be up for debate in the House Committee on Water Resources and Infrastructure as early as tomorrow! Take action right now: Tell your state representative that you don’t want treated sewage in your drinking water.

Apparently being pushed by Onslow County...wanting more capacity but unwilling to pay for PROPER TREATMENT.


You beat me to it. :)

I just checked my e-mail a few minutes ago and saw that alert. Thanks, Stan.

Nothing surprises me coming out of Onslow County

Some military communities have serious problems with short-sightedness because of the transient nature of the populace. When I lived there 30 years ago, Onslow was a great example of that mindset.

Representative Russell Tucker is the sponsor of the sewage bill.

He can reached at Russell.Tucker@ncleg.org. Maybe he ought to hear from some folks.

The permit fee, specified in the legislation, for an entity pumping 1,000,000 gallons of day into the aquifer would be an astronomical $3500+/- a few dollars. This would surely cover the cost of testing and any clean- up (if that was remotely possible-after 000's had been poisoned). Naturally, he represents Onslo....

Where do we find people like this to represent our best interests? Somewhere a village is missing an idiot.

Stan Bozarth

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Hopefully some folks will send emails or make phone calls tomorrow.

Thanks, Stan.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks...I think this is important

Might also help to mention being opposed to having Titan Cement coming to NC to mine limestone from our aquifer exposing our water to further peril...along with the mercury they will emit.

We need these things like we need Richard Burr.

Stan Bozarth