Letters to Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr and Congressman Walter Jones, Jr.

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As promised, the text of my letters to Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr and Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr.

Dear Senator Dole, Senator Burr, Congressman Jones, Jr.,

I was shocked to learn that President George W. Bush may have told Israeli government officials during his recent trip that he was planning military action against Iran.

It is outrageous that this President would consider such action given the bad judgment used to invade and occupy Iraq in 2003. It is even more outrageous that Mr. Bush would make such a statement in a foreign country and to foreign government officials.

Mr. Bush’s own Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Mike McConnell, published a National Intelligence Estimate in December of 2007 which reported that Iran halted their nuclear weapons program in 2003. The report goes on to detail that it is unlikely that Iran has imported weapons-grade fissile material or that Iran has the materials to build a usable nuclear weapon.

And, yet, Mr. Bush is intent on using any argument, no matter how improbable, to justify an attack Iran.

This time, the argument is that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is using his influence to strengthen Hezbollah in Lebanon. It is ironic that any increase in Mr. Ahmadinejad’s influence in the Middle East has been a direct result of Mr. Bush’s continued occupation of Iraq. An attack on Iran will only build Mr. Ahmadinejad’s influence and position him to be the leader of an America perceived to be imperialistic and aggressive.

I urge you to strongly disavow Mr. Bush’s threats to attack Iran. I also urge you to press the Bush Administration to open communication with the government of Iran. And, lastly, I ask that you urge your colleagues in the U.S. Senate / U.S. House of Representatives to do the same.

Your Constituent,

Thomas S. Brock

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