Liar Easley: Execution Dates Set Despite Governor's Assertion that We have a Moratorium on Executions

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This afternoon the State of North Carolina set two execution dates. Archie Billings is scheduled to be executed March 2 and Al Holman, March 9, 2007.

Readers recall that just a week ago Gov. Easley and AG Roy Cooper's office represented to the press, fellow members of the Council of State, and the People of North Carolina that no executions would take place until the issues of lethal injection protocol, and the role of doctors in executions are resolved.

These are the words of our Governor made just last week following the Council of State's approval of an execution protocol:

Easley said it's unlikely the state will carry out any executions for some time.

"I think it has effectively stopped them until all this gets resolved," he said after the meeting. "Obviously, there's clearly a moratorium in place right now. How long that will last will depend on how long it takes to untangle this Gordian knot."

Governor, the knot is as tight now as it was 10 days ago.

These developments are a clear affront to the people of North Carolina who have entrusted our elected officials to comply with their oaths to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and North Carolina. Responsibility falls squarely in the lap of the Governor and the Attorney General. We must step up our efforts to contact them, our legislators, and Judge Stephens.

Easley and Cooper can call off the executioner; the legislature can impose a moratorium. Tell them NOW to do the right thing. This isn't just a matter of whether you support or oppose the death penalty -- it's about respecting our democracy and stopping abuses of power.


Another disappointment from Mr. Mike.

He doesn't care what anybody thinks, he's a short-timer. So a few people go to their deaths while the system sorts things out. No worries from the guv. Just like there's no worries about selling out the northeast corner of North Carolina to the US Navy.

Mr. Mike needs a new name: Silent Sam.


Governor Easley,

Say, "Oops", rescind the orders, and get with the moratorium.

If you don't, then you lied.

We're not so big on liars lying about killing. It makes us feel...


So, good luck with that whole rescinding the execution dates and "studying" whether capital punishment is indeed cruel and/or unusual.

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