Liberal activists

This story was linked to a New York Times report headlined 11 seats still undecided. I loved this paragraph:

Liberal activists took up Kissell's cause and when polls hinted he might have a chance, he got late support from the national and state Democratic parties.

Liberal activists. Heh. You guys rock.



national Democratic parties.

oh really?

"Keep the Faith"

I feel a little shy about commenting on Kissell

since we did so little compared to so many. We contributed and made calls, but we weren't nearly as engaged as many here. How-some-ever, I gotta say that while I don't mind being called "liberal" it seems to be a catch-all phrase for unthinking people who like to label others. How about, instead of liberal, these folks say something like "patriotic, responsible Americans who aren't content to sit back and let a bunch of apathetic assholes let their country get flushed down the toilet." I kinda like that. How about anyone else?

I'd like to hear anyone else's better defined substitute for "liberal." Maybe it's a thing with me...but it used to mean (when I was young) freewheeling psuedo-intellectuals who wanted to tax everyone more so they, the "liberals" could redistribute our wealth the way they saw fit. Sorta like "conservative" used to mean guys and gals with steel rimmed glasses who paid attention to the Constitution and didn't want to raise taxes and wanted to control government spending, etc. Times have changed.

Stan Bozarth

I personally almost never use the word

Years ago I thought "liberal" was the way to go, but for better or for worse, it's been contaminated. I'm no longer willing to fight for it, because it's no longer an accurate descriptor.

My word of choice is progressive - as in "interested in progress." I even have a friend who calls herself a progressive conservative. Works for me.

The best analogy I have for leaving words behind is the word "gay." When I was a kid - and an aspiring writer - I loved poetry and I loved the word "gay." For reasons way out of my control, however, it's hard to use "gay" these days. You can try and dig in, you can try to say it means "happy" and "carefree" - but you'll lose. That's how I feel about "liberal."

When I had to make up a BlueNC business card for a recent conference, I put the words "Progressive Action for North Carolina" on it.

That's where I stand.

My son-in-law

left yesterday for the middle east - AGAIN. I told him that he had to vote before he left. My daughter called me in Raleigh to tell me that he did vote before he left - for Larry. This morning my daughter is saying, "Wow. Tim's vote really did count." Every vote always counts and we should never forget it.


Count on provisionals from N&O

State Board of Elections spokeswoman Johnnie McLean said officials there had only heard from seven of the 10 counties in the 8th District, including Mecklenburg, about the number of provisional ballots outstanding. They reported a total of 1,406 ballots, but she cautioned some of those counties are only partly covered by the 8th District, making the total number of provisionals ballots in the race unclear.

If this is accurate, the race looks more difficult than the 1,700 in Mecklenburg rumor.

We would need to know the location of these ballots to estimate where we are.

That number

is in the ballpark.

There are more than enough provisional ballots out there to make up the 346 difference.

We just need to get 'em counted.

Robin Hayes Hates Puppies

I heard on NPR this morning.

that provisional ballots won't be counted until the 17th, statewide.

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