The Lieberman Strategem

I know this is OT, so I'm going to make it short and stick it over in the submissions column, not the front page. I've been thinking about Joe Lieberman lately and the latest news that he is making a Nixonesque enemies list. Those Democrats who fought against him can expect little help and instead will find him pushing against them. Joe's base is now the little old ladies and Republicans. Not Democrats. As such, we should expect him to defect. The Republicans have, supposedly, offered him seniority if he jumps ship.

So, don't be surprised on Nov. 9th if you wake up to find that Democrats won the House, tied the Senate 50-50 and Joe switched caucuses for the "good of bipartisanship". There really is only one thing the Senate Democrats, with their old-fashioned Senate rulebook, can do. Promise him, in private, that if he switches they will pocket every bill he ever proposes, interrupt every speech he ever seeks to give, force him to read the text of every amendment he offers, and make him dance the hula in his underwear. I believe that is actually possible under current Senate rules.

Let Joe know that there won't be one penny of pork coming to CT, there won't be any saved sub bases, there won't be any bills with the Lieberman (CFL) name on them passed in this Senate if he caucuses with the Republicans. None. Ever. No matter what.


I have been talking to Pam who works for the Lamont Campaign

She is a bundle of nerves right now, sick stomach, achy all over and it's not the flu. They have been working as hard as we have here in NC to get Kissell, Shuler and Sharpe elected and they think they really have a chance. They, just like us, are still workin' it hard, acting like Lamont is way behind in the polls. But they think there's change in the air....please oh please don't let it be 2004 again!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.