Limbaugh's idea of humor is more reason UNC needs to yank its games from any stations that carry him

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As many of you know, I'm trying to get my alma mater, the University of North Carolina, to tell the seven stations in its sports radio network that also carry Rush Limbaugh that they need to take their pick--keep their affiliation with Rush or keep their affiliation with Tar Heel football and basketball. They can't have both. And Rush's sorry attempt at an apology only proves it.

I'm as big a Tar Heel fan as I am a Democrat--and not just because I'm also a graduate (class of '00). So you'll have to pardon me if I'm a little confused about something. In what world can the owner of one of the strongest brands in college athletics allow a station to trade on said brand when said station airs a guy who not only thinks it's okay to call a woman a "slut" and a "prostitute," but then fobs it off as an attempt at humor gone awry?

Apparently ProFlowers asked that same question and answered, "Not in any world that we know of." In the process, it became the seventh advertiser to bail on El Rushbo since he began his bullying campaign. Hopefully Chancellor Holden Thorp and Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham will show some leadership and have UNC draw the same conclusion. Help make it happen.


Contact the Chancellor, too

You can contact Chancellor Thorp here. Send him an email.

Dear Chancellor.

UNC's business relationships with radio stations that carry Rush Limbaugh is an insult to decency. Please act now to sever those relationships before more damage is done to the reputation of our honorable university.

Your name here

emailed the chancellor!

I emailed the chancellor when I realized 106.1 also ran Rush.

And have encouraged other alumni to do so....

Michael Moore had a nice comment on this

"Rush - As soon as u started losing the big $$ from your hate speech, you caved & obeyed the men who pay u. Who's the prostitute now, bitch?"

Full story here

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

No More Rush

Rush should be standing on the street corner howling at the wind, not broadcasting to millions of people every day, and not earning millions of dollars spreading hate and fear to his misinformed and deluded listeners. Rush Limbaugh is a national disgrace, and so are the companies that sponsor him and the companies that distribute and broadcast his show. No more Rush - enough is enough.

All about Revenue

When I addressed this issue with Rick Steinbacher at UNC a few years ago he told me it was all about the revenue the Athletic department gets... He stated no radio station wanted to air UNC Basketball so they had to accept what radio stations will air their games.... It is time to remove UNC from Rush Radio. It is time for UNC Athletics to set a community standard rather than being "Revenue Sluts"