Lipsticking a pig........

Mike McIntyre voted for the Military Commissions Act of 2006...authorizing torture and the suspension of Habeas Corpus for "detainees" captured in Iraq and elsewhere. We all also know of at least one Canadian Citizen that was whisked away in an "extraordinary rendition" and held and tortured. Mike helped made this possible and legal. Now he's trying to hide from the facts rather than apologize. Read part of his letter below the fold.

Habeas Corpus is an ancient common law remedy that commands one who is restraining another's liberty to forthwith produce that person and show just cause why that person’s liberty is being denied. Without Habeas Corpus government can make people disappear...forever. In 2006 nitwits in Congress voted to suspend Habeas Corpus for "alien detainees" and later gave President Bush additional powers that could cause even some citizens to be treated likewise. Our Congressman McIntyre indeed voted to authorize this shredding of undeniable human rights, legalize torture and to destroy America’s reputation throughout the civilized world. Assuming citizens are too stupid to keep track of such things, said nitwit stated in a recent letter (in part)... “

In the past, I voted for legislation with provisions that would have afforded detainees the right to habeas corpus petitions. Unfortunately, these provisions did not become law. It is important that as we strive to win the hearts and minds of peoples around the world, we uphold the values of human rights and individual liberties that have made the United States the leader of the free world. Rest assured I will work to uphold the values of liberty and justice that we share as Americans.”

Us common folks would say this obfuscation of the fact that he indeed voted for what did become law (whether or not he voted against something else along the way) is a politicians’ attempt to lipstick a pig. Remember this when you have a chance to talk about Mike and the Blue Dogs.


As much as I believe that Reps should

mirror their constituency, I have a hard time with Mike McIntyre. He gets embraced too often by Republicans.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.