Livestream: Jan 6 Committee hearings



I'll try to stay awake long enough to test it out, but 4 am comes early. That's even earlier than when I was in the Army...

WUNC and NC Public Television Not Covering the Hearings

If you have friends or relatives interested in the hearings who do not have broadband or smartphone access, it appears that WUNC radio and North Carolina Public Television will _not_ be broadcasting the hearings. Both are offering their usual slate of programming.

Hopefully, they can catch the hearings on one of the commercial networks. But, if they're in a fringe area, like one of my friends in Guilford County and NC Public Television is their only choice, it appears they're out of luck.

Pretty remarkable that both WUNC and NC Public Television are choosing to ignore the most significant Congressional hearings since Watergate (or ever, considering the stakes for continuance of our democracy).

There are more people than you realize that either can't afford broadband, a smartphone, or cable television or simply don't have those options available, not only rural areas, but just outside major urban and suburban areas around the state.

Not carrying the hearings is an editorial choice by management of NC's main radio and television outlets and rather damning as a comment on their commitment to service to the people of our state.

If you're a contributor to WUNC or NC Public Television, really think hard about this the next time you're asked for a donation.

NC Public Television's non-response

Note how this form email they're sending to anyone that complains doesn't recognize viewers who live in areas where streaming and broadband aren't available or who can't afford it.

Dear Viewer,

Thank you for contacting PBS NC regarding the January 6 committee hearings. We value your feedback for our programming availability and viewing options. PBS NC provided coverage of the hearings via the PBS Newshour Youtube channel and on our website offering live streaming service.

Again, thank you for your important perspective and we appreciate you watching PBS NC.

Viewer Services

Audience Services Representatives
o (888) 292-7070
10 UNC-TV Drive | RTP, NC 27709

I stopped contributing a few years ago

I stopped contributing a few years ago, and encourage my friends and acquaintances to do likewise. Under the control of the Republican legislature, public broadcasting in North Carolina has become a feeble and irrelevant news source.