Lookout, Outlook email search tool

Off topic for a political blog site, but I know there are a lot of you out there using Outlook and are drowning in emails. Let me through you a life ring, Lookout a email search tool. Lookout indexes all of your emails and allows you to search them just like doing a Google search. It is lightning fast and I think that it has less of a performance overhead than Google Desktop or other search tools. My team at work has been using it over for over two years and we can't imaging working without it.

Best of all it is free, but sorry it will not work on Outlook Express.


Too bad I use Outlook Express....:(

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Mozilla Thunderbird is free and has a decent search feature.

A second for Thunderbird

Yes, Thunderbird is great. Much better that Outlook Express, but what isn't.

I was inspired to write up Lookout after working with my County Chair last night while she was trying to find a email in Outlook.

Me I use the Mail App on a Mac. Yey Spotlight searches!!!