Lying and losing

We have come to expect lying from people in politics, including gross misrepresentations of objective reality. The president and his allies are free to say, "We never promised Mexico would pay for the wall," when reality suggests otherwise. Lying is the essence of being a Trump Republican.

I believe "Trump Republicanism" is what 2020 elections will be about. Do you stand with the liar or do you stand against him?

Thom Tillis has been standing by Trump all along and still does. He fully supports the lying president. The same can be said of Dan Forest, as well as NC's entire GOP Congressional delegation. Going into the next election cycle, they are all Trump Republicans, joined at the lying hip.

It'll be interesting to see how they try to rehabilitate their images as 2020 gets closer. In some Congressional districts, being a Trump Republican will prove a real asset, thanks to gerrymandering. In other districts, it could be the kiss of death.

The big question is always statewide.

I believe statewide candidates aligned closely with Trump will be soundly rejected in 2020. Yes, Trump voters will be highly motivated, but anti-Trump voters are even more stirred up. And we outnumber them by a growing margin.

We saw a blue wave building in 2018, but it was nowhere near its peak. It's up to us (you and me) to drive it forward. Let's get to work.

Two things are always essential: solid candidates and massive voter engagement. Candidates will come with good recruiting. Engagement in the early phases should be about decency, fairness, and competence, issues that are bigger than individual candidates. In those three areas, Trump Republicans have nowhere to hide.