Lying with dogs

According to the Blog of Legal Times, one of the many law firms in bed with Blackwater is coming to grips with the reality of associating with ruthless mercenaries. Here's the short version of the story.

1. Blackwater mercenaries screw up.
2. Charges are brought.
3. Blackwater mercenaries hire big-time law firm.
4. Big-time law firm fails to get the mercenaries off the hook.
5. Blackwater CEO Erik Prince has a hissy fit and hires more lawyers.
6. The new lawyers file a malpractice suit against the old lawyers.
7. The old lawyers file a motion to dismiss.
8. The new lawyers make shitload of money off the mercenaries.
9. War is good business.

I'm sure the attorneys at Womble Carlyle Sandridge Rice (WCSR) have taken note, and are dutifully covering their rear ends. Because if there's one thing that's sure when you're dealing with Blackwater USA, it's this: they don't care who they run over on the way to the bank.


Blackwater updates

For those interested in keeping abreast of Blackwater's activities, there's no better place than Blackwater Watch. You can sign up for email updates ... and find out what's happening on other states that are trying to keep Blackwater from staining their own communities.

What's this?

Legislation to prevent BW from existing in NC?
Wow...that would be something. Where are you getting that idea? I'm over here in Currituck, stated home of BW. BW has this local government in it's back pocket I think. And there are rumors that BW is somehow tied into the siting of the OLF.

BW untouchable because of their presidential benefactor?

I am sure they think so, but they should take pause. A new President will soon be moving into the White House. A new 3rd District Congressman will be in the House.

The blanket immunity they now enjoy will be revised. The BW status of international mercenary for hire must be reverted back to a normal everyday security company, obeying all the rules and living within the legal parameters we all live with and respect. Short of that, they will either leave the country, or fail as an American Company. They(BW)seem to believe that they are irreplaceable.

Whether they own Currituck officials or not, they do not own North Carolina. I would even venture to say most of the BW Officials are not North Carolinians. Any OLF in North Carolina created for the explicit and primary purpose of servicing a Virginia based entity is not in the best interest of our great State either economically, ecologically, commercially , or in any other way. Additionally it takes away options for existing Military bases in North Carolina that may be required ten years from now and into the future.

All North Carolinians must continue to stand up against this type of political accomodation which exists at the expense of our State citizens and their wellbeing.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

The State of Illinois is working on it

They're trying to make mercenary training and hiring illegal. Some people (you and I, for example) would like to see the same thing happen here. It's a big and complicated issue, for sure, but it's doable. Especially with local support.

For example, let's say the State passed new legislation outlawing the use of military weapons by private companies. If Blackwater has to leave because of it, we would compensate the local community with creative investment.

Would surrounding communities rather have $50 million to invest in economic development ... or would they prefer to have Blackwater.

The way I see it is simple. We outlaw prostitution in North Carolina. Surely we can outlaw private armies.

Don't know the dollar

figure on what BW contributes to this county. Most of the physical structures are in neighboring Camden. Most of the monies collected here is property taxes. They do employ some locals, alot hired when the Ford plant in Norfolk Va went under (building mraps.) Also building airships, so that has ties to Elizabeth City. Alot of their public work is training police ... this is how they win over the locals that cannot see past redwhiteandblue. But there is a sizable number of locals who object. Standing room only crowd at the hearing to protest shooting ranges in our county, but approved. Lots of folks now put up with all day shooting and "patrolling" of nearby neighborhoods by BW. I think they may just move the portion of the business that employs mercenaries to offshore and continue on. They are basically doing that now by declaring them contractors and not paying any taxes.


Lots of folks now put up with all day shooting and "patrolling" of nearby neighborhoods by BW.

That sounds really creepy.