The Mac VAN blues

Well it finally happened. A few weeks ago Voter Activation Network released a upgrade to the NC VAN that will not work correctly on Macs. A pretty subtle bug too and you can miss it if you are not checking the lists the VAN generates. What happens is that the query conditions are not being processed correctly . For example, when I generate a list of just the voters in one precinct, I get a list of voters from all over the county. This is happening using the Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer for Mac (IE).

When I attended VAN training last year, Mark Sullivan, the trainer, and one of the company founders was up front in saying that they were a Microsoft shop and they made no promises that the VAN would work on anything but IE. Now it looks like it needs to be the latest version of IE at that. You would think that with Al Gore on the Apple board of directors that the VAN would show some love for Macs.



I am less than surprised.

Lyndon Helton for NC Senate

"Keep the Faith"

Mac have about 2% market penetration

It would probably make more sense to focus on Linux as a secondary offering.

Guess What?

Linux will not work with the VAN also as there is no Internet Explorer for Linux. If the Vendor would get it to work with Firefox browser, then the VAN would work on most all platforms.

Firefox has close to 20% and rising share of the browser market.