Marshall attacks Burr over judicial holdup

When you have two faces, don't be surprised when one of them gets smacked:

Speaking with ThinkProgress at the Netroots Nation convention yesterday, U.S. Senate candidate Elaine Marshall (D-NC) harshly rebuked Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) for his use of secret holds on Judges James Wynn and Albert Diaz, who have both been nominated for the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals.

When President Obama renominated Wynn, Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) and Burr supported the decision. Although Wynn cleared the Judiciary Committee, a vote on his confirmation has not been scheduled because, despite his public support for Wynn, Burr placed a hold on Wynn’s nomination. When asked for comment by the press, Burr duplicitously said he that he “applauds Sen. Hagan for her ongoing efforts to encourage Majority Leader Reid to schedule their nominations for votes on the Senate floor.”

Elaine's not pulling any punches in this interview. Here she makes the Jesse Helms connection:

Marshall noted that Burr’s two-faced approach to Judge Wynn appeared to echo the tactics of Helms, who made a career of race-baiting, fighting Civil Rights laws, and intentionally blocking African American judges like Wynn:

MARSHALL: One of our judges who has passed the Judiciary Committee who cannot get a vote was also held up by Jesse Helms. A talented judge, this is now the second time he’s been nominated by the Fourth Circuit. He’s an African American judge, highly, highly qualified. And Richard Burr has the same hold on him that Jesse Helms had on him. North Carolina has got to put these vestiges behind them. Richard Burr, while he’s said wonderful things about Judge Wynn, presenting him and all that kind of stuff, he’s behind the curtain holding him up.

If we need to educate the public about anything concerning Burr, it's his two-faced deception of his constituents. Just like they had with Liddy Dole, the people of North Carolina have an imaginary, fictional character in mind when (if?) they think of Richard Burr. And most of that character has been created by the misleading and outright lying statements Burr and his staff have published.

I challenge the MSM, especially our local news outlets, to do a better job of fact-checking this man. Your readers deserve it, and your profession demands it.


Unhappy with this choice

I'm sorry but I just have to say it. I am very unhappy that Marshall has decided to call Burr a racist. You all know that I was a big cheerleader for Secretary Marshall during the primaries so I feel fine in my posting this. I am truly bothered by her choice to say this because I do not believe (nor do I think that she really believes) that Burr is doing this because of Wynn's race. Her actions make her look desperate like a snake in a corner who strikes out and it's not very becoming. Mr. Nellis, I know you frequent this blog and I want you to know that Marshall just lost some points in my book. I'm shocked that you Mr. Nellis found this necessary. It's sad.

Fire away...

There's no need to fire at you, because you made a false


Anyone who read the linked transcript or watches the video can clearly see that Marshall did not call Burr a racist.

She accused him of using holds on NC judges. That fact can be checked and verified or refuted.

She accused him of playing Jesse Helms-style politics. Something that can again be analyzed and debated.

Burr doesn't have to be racist himself to use racial political machinations -- or does he?

I guess that's the question.

This homosexual can tell you without a doubt, that Burr plays with my civil equality and rights for political gain -- just as Helms did. Speaking for myself, it's not a far leap to see him doing it with race too.


Excellent comment

I don't think Burr has the intellectual capacity to be a racist. Black, white, whatever, don't matter a bit. For him, it's all about personal and political power. He'll say and do whatever he thinks is necessary to preserve his cushy government job.

And why wouldn't he? After 16 years in Congress, he has done literally nothing positive of note. Not one damned thing. Who can blame him for wanting to keep his do-nothing job for life?

Guess I missed this one

Didn't Doug Clark write in the News-Record on 7/15 that Sen. Hagan had determined that the hold on the two judges was put there by Sen. McConnell? Why is Marshall taking this tack? Apparently, Burr does not have a hold on Wynn, so is Marshall stretching the truth? Please point me to something where Burr says the hold is his....

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

The recent floor objection -- not the hold

McConnell was the one that objected on the floor when Hagan tried to bring up the nominations on her own a few days ago. The video of the day's floor proceeding clearly shows that.

Only one senator need object, and as his party's leader on the floor at the time, McConnell got to do it.

A hold is something different and may be public or secret. There is a also something called a blue slip hold.

Hit teh google or to read up on those.


Got that but...

Thanks for the process lesson but how do you go from there to having Marshall say that Burr has placed a hold on the nomination? Where is the proof or is none needed?

"A point in every direction is the same as no point at all" - Pointless Man

I can't speak for anyone besides me

but to my way of thinking, Burr is individually and personally responsible for every action taken by Republican leadership in the Senate. They are effectively filibustering every aspect of the legislative process, and in most cases, all it would take is one Republican saying "enough." Burr is not that one Republican ... not now, not ever. If the nomination is not moving forward, Burr is complicit. If he is not objecting to the hold, he is supporting the hold.

Just my two cents.

Or maybe it's only one cent. Whatever.

The proof is Burr's inaction

As I noted on a post somewhere around here (forgive me for not linking to it), Burr could clear all this up by taking to the floor of the Senate -- just like Hagan did -- and asking for unanimous consent to move to Executive Session and take up the nominations of of Judges Wynn and Diaz.

He hasn't.

For months and months...and months.

And I'm going to say something now that my Democratic friends may not like.

It's in the GOP's interest to confirm Wynn before the Senate's August recess.


Because if Wynn is confirmed more than 60 days prior to the general election, then Governor Perdue's appointment to replace him on the NC Court of Appeals can only serve until Jan 2011.

If the GOP continues to delay his confirmation until after the August recess, then Perdue's appointment to the NC COA will be able to serve until Jan 2013 -- not being up for election until Nov 2012, presumably a better year for Democrats if you believe the conventional wisdom.

If the GOP truly believes that this is their year, then they should approve Wynn ASAP to open up his seat on the NC Court of Appeals and start the clock ticking on Gov Perdue so that they can have their best shot at taking his seat.

Somehow, I don't think the GOP really believes this is their year. I further believe that they are more interested in using Wynn as a punching bag than gaining a seat on the NC Court of Appeals.


He had no problem

shutting down a meeting of generals with his Senate Armed Services Committee that had traveled from Korea and Hawaii to Washington DC just to be obstructionist/anti-government. He's definitely in the crowd of, if we can ruin functionality of government while the Democratic Party is in power, then we'll win in November and it'll be their Waterloo.

Burr the Obstructionist

in living color!

He knows how the Senate operates, and shut down the Armed Services Committee with an arcane Senate rule -- just like he's holding up Judges Wynn and Diaz.

Quoth Burr the Oblique Obstructionist

"I have no personal objection..., therefore I would have to object."

Here's the youtube link:


False allegation - ughh

Found this blog entry that kind of sums up what I personally feel about this matter. Still unhappy with Marshall's choice to speed to the 'race track'. I fear if this is the only way we can win this seat is by race baiting then that is just not a good thing. Sorry, had to say it (and I can as a black woman, since some of you have pointed out your sexual orientation in your arguments here).

I wonder if Doug Clark can "make sense" of this

Richard Burr:

""I have no personal objection..., therefore I would have to object."

To take what Burr says at face value about his desires and Senate process is to begin with pretzel logic.

Is it really that hard to understand that Burr can use Senate holds in the same twisted manner?


Betts and Clark

Leave it to pundits to miss the point. Leave it to slacker Burr to have his lazy ass covered by his friends in high places.

Burr is holding up the confirmation of these two nominees. He's playing the Republican game, pure and simple. This is not hard to understand.

Doug Clark really misses it here. Betts is alright

Except for a fact check Betts missed (extra credit if you can find it -- hint: it's in the Senate Judiciary Committee's record which is public to all), so maybe Betts misses it too.

Look! I just pulled a Burr!

I do not object, but I object.

I just pulled another Burr!

Oh well.

These two note that Hagan has taken to the floor of the Senate to move the nominations.

Did they ask the same of Burr? No.

Has he? No.

Would it take more than a minute of Burr's precious time to at least offer the pretense of moving on the nominations by taking to the floor and asking for a consent request? No.

Just a minute of his time to prove he really does want to move?

Not since January.

Happy almost August everyone!