Marshall Named Outstanding Elected Official for 2010

New-Headshot-05-10Elaine has been named the "Outstanding Democratic Woman Elected Official" for 2010. The award is given nationally by the National Federation of Democratic Women to one female elected official as commendation for exemplary public service. Past winners include Governor Anne Richards of Texas, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas, and U.S. Senator Jean Carnahan of Missouri.

“I think this award is a little premature—I’d rather it come at the conclusion of my first term in the Senate! But you take what you get. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to serve the people of North Carolina, and I hope to continue to serve this state well.”

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Elaine is also catching fire this week winning key endorsements by black legislators as Democrats continue to unite around her campaign. In total, 12 former and current influential legislators backed Elaine:

Representative Kelly Alexander (D-107, Mecklenberg)
Representative and Democratic Whip Larry Bell (D-21, Sampson and Wayne)
Representative Angela Bryant (D-7, Halifax and Nash)
Representative Jean Farmer-Butterfield (D-24, Edgecombe and Wilson)
Former Representative Peter Cunningham (D-107, Mecklenberg)
Representative Rosa Gill (D-33, Wake)
Senator Malcolm Graham (D-40, Mecklenburg)
Representative Larry Hall (D-29, Durham)
Representative Marvin Lucas (D-42, Cumberland)
Senator Floyd McKissick Jr. (D-20, Durham)
Representative Mickey Michaux (D-31, Durham)
Representative Annie Mobley (D-5, Bertie, Gates, Hertford, and Perquimans)

She is also taking the lead on challenging Burr's continued support for offshore drilling in North Carolina.

Despite the disaster in the Gulf, Burr continues to call for drilling off the state's shores which is why Elaine is taking the fight to him on this crucial issue. Email below:

Friend -

The stories are horrific: lives have been ruined and businesses have been devastated in the Gulf of Mexico while the environment has been tarnished by the worst oil spill in history. This is a wake-up call for Washington and a stern reminder of the need for a new energy policy.

But Republican Senator Richard Burr continues to call for offshore drilling in our state while British Petroleum and the oil companies fund his reelection campaign.

This year, only four United States Senators have taken more money from BP than Richard Burr. It's precisely the reason he said this week that he has "no criticism" for the oil company that caused one of the worst environmental disasters in history.

Get involved today to help retire one of British Petroleum's favorite Senators!

In 2008, Richard Burr co-sponsored legislation that would have expanded deep-sea drilling off our state's coast; exactly the same method that is wreaking havoc in the Gulf of Mexico. His actions were irresponsible then - and they're irresponsible now.

North Carolina can't afford this kind of disaster - and we cannot afford another six years of having a Senator in the pocket of Big Oil. It's time for a change in Senator.

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Can't make calls - but I'll chip in $5 or more to fund the campaign!

Unlike Burr, I will listen to the people of North Carolina and fight against all efforts to tarnish our shores. But I'm going to need your continued support to retire him.

Thanks for everything,

Elaine Marshall

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Thanks everyone for your continued support!


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