Max Cleland Campaiging for Tim Dunn

Real Values has the scoop here:

In a huge boost to Lt Col Dunn's campaign to replace CAFTA flip-floppin Robin Hayes, former Georgia Senator, and war hero, Max Cleland will come to NC to campaign for him.


I have no strong feelings on NC-08.

other than to remove Robin Hayes. If Dunn can bring in more bucks and swing independent voters better than Kissell, then I am for it. For the next few years, all I care about is winning.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Who Can Beat Hayes?

It is always dicy to place bets on future voting. For instance, John Kerry claimed he was the one to beat Bush. I think we would have been a lot better with a more populist message from Edwards or Gephardt. Kissel might the better candidate because he relates better to the voters.

Well, I certainly agree

with the Edwards comment, I was a supporter.

Again, if Kissel is the best candidate I am all for it, but it just seems to early to tell. Also, Hayes will probably raise a lot of money, so Kissel needs to bring in the bucks.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Jan 21st? Rut Row...

Isn't that weekend the anniversary of Roe v Wade? I wonder how much of planning the Dunn rally opposite the National Organization of Women's annual march on Charlotte was on purpose.

Or rather strategic, if not just adding insult to injury.

Dunn's unsatisying performance with Democratic Women groups is spiraling on the national femnetworks now:

Meet Tim Dunn. NC-08. (map) He's a Democrat. He's anti-choice and he's against gay marriage. If you live in North Carolina don't vote for this guy.

I know Kissell addressed teachers at the NCAE last week, was just at the Scotland County Democratic Women Friday and the Cabarrus County women and senior dems have him at several events the next couple weeks, but all I have on him in Charlotte in the immediate future is The Freedom Group (from Cabarrus dem listserve):

Wednesday, January 11 - St Andrew's Church, Charlotte - 7:00 pm - Larry will address The Freedom Group meeting; 3601 Central Avenue; (between Eastway & Briarcreek) Please enter by the breezeway (Parish Hall)

I strongly encourage Kissell to speak at the NOW rally in Charlotte that weekend, put this primary to bed and move on to Hayes. The Charlotte women and Kissell could get together and just about decide this right now.

I can't believe supporting choice is even up for debate in a democratic primary, or how Max Cleland could possibly stem the tide of women and their check books defecting from the Dunn camp.

"I'm sure if you asked Rep. Hayes he's 'flat-out, completely, horizontally opposed' to torture, just like he was CAFTA. Too bad he voted for both."
-Larry Kissell for Congress

What a ridiculous and insulting comment

What an incredibly insulting and ridiculous comment about a war hero and real American patriot like Max Cleland. I didn't realize you were privy to exactly what Lt Col Dunn's plan for Iraq was, nor did I realize that Max Cleland had a plan for "winning in Nam," much less that he had taken the time to share this plan with you.

I dont think i need to even take on the "Georgia homeboy" comment, its offensive on its face.

Tim Dunn is Pro Choice

I DO know what Lt Col Dunn's position is
on Roe v Wade: He is a strong supporter of the rule of law and would never work to deny a woman her right to choose what is right for her body. He PERSONALLY does not like the idea of abortion- WHO DOES???but acknowledges that he is will strongly defend the right to privacy. In case you don't get it yet:the Constitutional right to privacy prevents the government from interfering in a woman's reproductive rights. There are many Democrats and liberals of all persuasions who are not PRO ABORTION-we are letting the Republicans frame this issue for us, we are LETTING them define abortion as the litmus test for OUR candidates. Tim was honest with Charlotte Democrats that he does not LIKE abortion-he never said that he would do ANYTHING to overturn Roe v Wade. Don't be suckers about this. He's the guy for the job.

Sounds encouraging

I look forward to seeing this validated by the candidate himself! Thanks for the info.