Mayors Roberts and Bell Proclaim Ethanol Day in Charlotte and Durham; Highlight Renewable Biofuels and Cleaner Environment

Growth Energy Celebrates E15 Day in Charlotte, Durham
North Carolina drivers to benefit from clean, affordable fuel options

Charlotte, NC – Growth Energy thanked Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Durham Mayor Bill Bell today for designating September 16 as E15 Day in two of North Carolina’s largest cities. The announcements celebrate an expansion of consumer access to E15, a 21st century fuel blended with 15 percent ethanol that provides drivers with improved engine performance while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“North Carolina continues to be a leading champion for clean, renewable biofuels, and we are thankful to Mayors Roberts and Bell for helping spread the word about all ethanol has to offer,” said Emily Skor, Growth Energy CEO. “Drivers across the state can now benefit from E15, which contains five percent more ethanol than standard gasoline blends. While the difference may seem small, the benefits are great – from increased horsepower to lower emissions.”

E15 is an improved fueling option that is approved for use in all passenger vehicles model year 2001 and newer. It’s also the fuel of choice for NASCAR, which has run nearly 10 million high-performance miles since switching to E15 in 2011.

“Ethanol cuts carbon emissions by anywhere from 34 to 100 percent or more, depending on the feedstock, according to Department of Energy-sponsored research,” added Skor. “And it’s American-made, so it provides jobs and keeps money right here at home. They may not think about it often, but drivers are benefitting from ethanol every day. Today’s proclamations are a great way to highlight the tremendous advantages of renewable biofuels like ethanol.”

“At Sheetz, we’re committed to offering our customers the best choice of fuels, including E15,” said Mike Lorenz of Sheetz. “NASCAR drivers in North Carolina have been using E15 for years, and we’re proud to offer that same option at 60 of our stores in the state. It’s a great way to save money at the pump and take advantage of the same high-octane blend used by the pros.”