McCain Doing a Bush Style Texas Two-Step

Apparantly John McCain would be open to a pro-choice VP nominee, but not open to it at the same way to contradict yourself in a Texas Two-Step Bush style.

According to a CNN article, John McCain would be open to allowing a pro-choice VP on the Republican ticket. Former Governor of Pennslyvania/Former Secretary of Homeland Tom Ridge fits the bill. The problem? John McCain believes Roe v Wade should be overturned. Now what sense does that make? Not only are you putting yourself in direct conflict with a potential running mate, but you're alienating your pro-life conservative base which already views you as too liberal. When asked about it he said he would be open to the idea and was poked about a ticket with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. His response? He couldn't support it because of his pro-choice stance and the fact he's too pro a lot of things.

Texas Two-Step here we are. So in summary....McCain's VP might be pro-choice, but wants to overturn Roe, and discounts another politcian for also being pro-choice. Now John what sense does that make?



Putting the word "sense" and "McCain" in the same sentence should not be allowed.

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