McCrory finally has something to say

What McCrory said:

Gov. Pat McCrory said he welcomed lawful demonstrations, but said the civil disobedience of Moral Mondays should not be given “credence.''

“Unlawful demonstrations should be unacceptable,'' McCrory told reporters Tuesday morning following a meeting of the Council of State on Tuesday morning. “But lawful demonstrations we welcome. That is the great part of our democracy.''

What McCrory should have said:

I understand the frustration of the demonstrators. Having exhausted all reasonable requests, they are turning to civil disobedience to ensure that their voices are heard.

The legislature in Raleigh is not a legitimate government. Republican supermajorities were gained through the most extreme and repugnant use of gerrymandering. Legislators must act NOW to redraw our undemocratic districts in time for the 2014 elections. They must also resign from their seats and run again in fair districts if we are to have any integrity as a state.

Freedom and fairness are at grave risk in North Carolina. I stand with the protestors in calling for the General Assembly to pull itself into line with basic standards of decency.

Governor Pat McCrory


That would be a safe bet.


AFP-NC calling Moral Mondays "lawless riot"

The Moral Monday protests as unlawful riot has been a line that the Pope machine has been pushing for a few weeks now.

They're trying to bring back memories of the sometimes violent Civil Rights and anti-Vietnam War protests of the 1960s. I'm waiting for Americans for Prosperity-NC to say that the NAACP has been infiltrated by communists and socialists.

Keep in mind that the Republicans will likely be using photos and footage of the protests in the mid-terms, trying to associate progressives and liberals with "radicals" and, with white candidates in particular, being too friendly with Blacks.

Be ready to forcefully call out their racism and fear-mongering when you see it.

Lawless riot

A perfect example of Republican overreaching. No honest person, including lots of not-honest people will look at MM and say "riot."

I've been guilty of such hyperbole in the past, and I regret almost all of it. So I recognize it when I see it.

"Lawless riot" is overreaching born of desperation ... race baiting as you suggest.

Pat the One (Term) And Done Governor

Not to underestimate the task of getting James elected as governor in 2016, it now seems that Pat himself now realizes that he's a one-term DAG with no real legacy.

Esse McQuory Videri

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014