McCrory mumbles some things about teachers

When he's not talking about himself, that is:



The term "vapid" comes to mind

Honestly, it's hard to imagine anybody on his staff thinking this is a good idea. Most teachers in NC are well aware the Budget has been contentious as hell, and is far from being settled. So McCrory's claim of them spending "a billion dollars on teachers" is questionable at best, and a downright lie at worst.

And the part where he says "we're going to keep listening to you and respecting you more and more" is even worse. There have been thousands of red shirts marching on Raleigh, and dozens of those teachers have been arrested for simply trying to talk to lawmakers. And as far as the Governor himself, he won't even answer the teachers' written complaints when they've come knocking at his mansion, much less go outside and talk with them.

This video isn't for teachers, it's for the voting public. Republicans learned a long time ago you don't have to actually *do* something, you can simply say you did and x number of voters will believe it.

Vapid is overly generous

This is just bullshit with zero relationship to reality.