McCrory to veto bill designed to spread abortion lies

All eyes are on McCrory. Will he do what he promised, or will he prove himself to be an impotent rocket in Art Pope's pocket? Who's betting he sells out?

The bill is not about protecting or promoting our teen’s health, it’s about inserting anti-choice and medically unsupported rhetoric into our classrooms. SB 132 would force teachers to tell students, starting in seventh grade, that abortion is a risk factor for pre-term delivery later in life. “This statement is utterly false. No respected medical authority has found evidence that links abortion care to later adverse effects on a woman’s reproductive health and fertility,” said Buckley. “Young people need facts about their health, not political propaganda.”

The bill will land on the Governor’s desk in the next few weeks. “The Governor made a promise not to support any new restrictions on abortion access in our state. Now that this bill has passed and is headed to the House for concurrence, we at NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina and thousands of pro-choice supporters across the state will be watching to see whether McCrory will keep his promise, or turn his back on women and families,” said Buckley.


He won't sell out. He's already sold out.

Now he's doing what he was put in office to do by Pope and his corporate owners. Whether McCrory is a sockpuppet or a true believer is irrelevant. He will always jump to their tune and ignore (or spew venom at) ours.

My guess is he'll sign it and

My guess is he'll sign it and claim he hasn't broken his promise because it doesn't directly limit access to abortion. It's mealy mouthed and deceptive, but what else is new?

Here's the Apparent Answer... surprise, he buckled under to "Mr. Pope" and is doing exactly as he was told (by the people who wrote him some big checks this weekend).

DAG McCrony's Right-Wing Nut Job Conversion Nearly Complete

What a waste of protoplasm.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


McCrory can try to spin the Lie-About-Abortion bill into something that doesn't violate his campaign promise, but that dog ain't gonna hunt.