McHenry burns half a mil, out-monied by Johnson

According to his FEC filing, 10th District incumbent annoyance Pat McHenry has burned over a half million dollars in campaign cash before the primary season has even begun.

And if you count McHenry's outstanding $90,000 2004 debt against his cash on hand, he has less in campaign funds right now than challenger and political newcomer Daniel Johnson.

This cycle (since the 2006 election), McHenry has raised 610,000 and spent 571,000. And the money is barely coming in fast enough to keep up with his spending. He raised $140,000 in 2007's fourth quarter. According to the FEC reports, Daniel Johnson raised just under $124,000. Thing is, Johnson only spent $5,000 to raise that nice chunk of change and McHenry spent $135,000. Oops.

And the local media is finally figured out that McHenry might be tanking. CharO recently profiled Johnson fairly flatteringly. And newsatnorman has caught on that the McHorny one has an awful lot to hide.

What's up Pat? Things not going so well? I've heard your staff and allies are deserting your sinking ship. So sad.

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Bad News for McHorny

MSM sees his true colors at the same time the cash starts drying up? Looks like trouble in paradise.

That is great news!

Although he doesnt have a lot of money, remember that McHenry also has that primary challenger out there.

The voters of the 10th are actually pretty lucky this year. They have 2 veterans they can vote for. Quite a change from Chicken-Hawk McHenry.

Thanks for keeping the heat on him DQ.

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"