McIntyre's email today regarding the tax cut capitulation, er, compromise

Dear Friends,

During this time of economic challenges, it is important that Congress not adjourn until two important issues have been finalized. First, we need to extend the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts so that there are no tax increases on employers who provide much needed jobs and that there are tax breaks for middle and working class families who need the help and the jobs. Second, unemployment benefits for those that are out of work need to be extended. I urge the Administration and Congressional Leadership to keep working and find an agreement that will keep Southeastern North Carolina and the United States moving forward.

Mike Mcintyre

He absolutely knows the $250K and above tax increase has practically zero to do with "employers" and he also fails to mention that the rich already are getting a great tax cut on dividends/capital gains.

Smoke and mirrors.


Just to prove the point...again.

Quoting from Bloomberg Business week:

1. "individuals who file IRS Schedules C, E, and F (which is how tax calculations are made about small businesses") and are taxed at the two highest rates are likely to be investors and wealthy wage-earners, some of whom have income from small businesses, rental properties, or royalties."

2. If the proposed tax increase for those earning over $250 went into effect, "By 2012, individuals filing Schedules C, E, and F with "cash income" between $200,000 and $500,000 who are taxed at the top rates would face a -0.1% impact on their after-tax income, the data shows. The percent change in after-tax income would be -0.9% for those with cash income from $500,000 to $1 million." Converted to dollars, these percentages amount to piddling amounts of money.

McIntyre isn't stupid...he's just a "tool."

Stan Bozarth

Could be the right time for the "Peasants party"....

I really didn't see a third party gaining a foothold, but with this latest turn of events on this tax issue, I would be ready to support any opposition to our two synonymous political parties. How the heck Obama was able to see a good bargain in wanting an 18 billion dollar unemployment extension as a tradeoff aginst a 1.4 trillion dollar tax break for the rich over two years! I mean we, the peasants, have been sucked in by this guy before, but now we're really getting shit rubbed in our faces!