Medicare Advantage Needs Congressional Support

Dear Editor,

As I continue into my senior years, I realize how important it is to center health and wellness in my day-to-day life. I feel so lucky to have amazing benefits and security with my Medicare Advantage plan that help me stay healthy.

Those who have opted to enroll in Medicare Advantage are overwhelmingly satisfied with their plan. I’ve seen reports that there is a 93% satisfaction rate! I am extremely pleased with the range of plans that I could pick between, and it was exciting to see that there will be even more choices for enrollees in 2023 that include dental, vision, and other benefit options.

Medicare Advantage is a program that should get continued support from our lawmakers in Washington. Seniors and people with disabilities on Medicare Advantage would greatly appreciate continued advocacy from Congressman-elect Wiley Nickel and others to keep the program strong and stable.

Judith Burks
Raleigh, NC