Meet Pat McCrory on Thursday, June 27

Our esteemed Deputy Assistant Governor is putting in an actual appearance in Greensboro on Thursday, and Progress NC would like you to meet him. Here's the scoop and the invite.

Dear friend.

On July 1st, 70,000 unemployed North Carolinians will lose their benefits because of a bill that Governor Pat McCrory signed into law.

Just four days before thousands of people are forced into poverty, McCrory will be meeting with his big money donors at the Grandover Resort & Conference Center in Greensboro. Wealthy campaign supporters will pay $5,000 each for a private audience with the Governor.

North Carolina's unemployed deserve to be heard too! We'll be rallying outside of the hotel where McCrory and his friends are meeting. Please join us and tell your friends! If you're unemployed, bring your resume to wave at the Governor as he takes thousands of dollars from the rich while ignoring the problems of ordinary citizens.

Thursday, June 27th
5:15 PM
Grandover Resort & Conference Center
1000 Club Rd. Greensboro NC
Gather at the corner of Grandover Pkwy and Club Rd.

You can RSVP here. Please spread the word and bring your friends!


Can someone send me the actual invitation from DAG?

I'm thinking of dipping into my savings for $5000 in order to finally meet the guy. Over the past year, I've sent him scores of emails and called many times in hopes of talking with him about his "vision" for destroying North Carolina. Not. One. Single Response.

So I'm thinking, this is a guy you have to pay to meet with ... and I really, really, really want to hear what the funk he's planning. So maybe it's worth $5K? Ya think?

Surely he wouldn't lie to me if I paid all that money, would he?

Well... would make him very, very uncomfortable, and that might be worth the $, except the $ would further support his effort. But SOMEONE needs to make the equivalent of the "47%" videotape at this event...

P.S. I also have gotten zero response from him after many communications, several of which explicitly requested a response. I guess he responds only to the $5K and up crowd.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014