Mercenaries providing security at Carter-Finley?

Sometimes the cure is worse than the illness:

NC State is ramping up security at Carter Finley Stadium for its final two home games.

School officials say there will be increased security and law enforcement officers inside and outside the stadium, in the parking lots and in areas surrounding the stadium as a precaution.

I hesitated posting this, because a) I could very easily be mistaken, and b) If I'm not mistaken, publicizing Tiger Swan's involvement could (theoretically) cause additional security issues at the events in question. But people deserve to know if private military contractors are operating in their presence.

I can't seem to embed the video at the TWC article above, so you'll have to click the link and play it. Many of you have likely already watched it, if you get some of your daily news from TWC, as I do.

My first reaction when seeing the reporter interviewing Shawn Sweeney from Tiger Swan was they were just getting background for the story from an "expert" in global security issues. Six years ago Tiger Swan moved its corporate offices from Fayetteville to Apex, so the TWC reporter didn't have to travel far for the interview. But there's still a (minor) question about whose idea it was to hit up Sweeney for info. Somebody at NC State make the recommendation? Whatever the case, Tiger Swan got some free advertising out of the story, however wise that decision was, considering they've stepped on many a toe in the Middle East.

Okay, here's the smoking gun, or better yet, the smoking smart phone. 20 seconds into the video, Sweeney whips out his phone, thumbs a couple of buttons, and then shows the reporter an image. An aerial image of the stadium and surrounding real estate, and it is not a Google Earth image. It may have started out as such, but it's been edited, to show a "Red zone" and all the gates leading into said zone. "Avenues of ingress," as it were. While it's possible Sweeney happened to "find" such a map, maybe from one of those City Data promotional pages, I'd say it's much more likely Tiger Swan made the edits themselves to use for briefing operatives on the strategic situation.

Or, I've simply slipped deeper into the crazy. One of those two things. ;)